Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~The Case of Baby A.~

I started this blog to publicize a case about a 3 year old little girl who describes being sexually abused by her father. A video on Youtube shows 2 1/2 year old girl (baby A) describing specific acts that very much seem like abuse to me. Many people are saying this child has been sexually abused and that she should be taken out of her fathers home until the truth is discovered. The child now resides with the father in Placer County California and apparently the mother has not been able to visit the child due to the father's attorney not complying with a judge's order that 'visitation should be resumed immediately'. I am unaware of all the facts in this case so every post I post is my opinion only at this point. What I would like to do by blogging about this topic is be able to discuss the case with many who have privy to information on the inside of this case. Also, I have tried unsuccessfully to post in certain threads and have not been allowed to do so because either the thread gets closed or I feel like Im being slaughtered by the people who do not agree that the baby is being abused.

I for one, believe in baby A's plight and I do NOT think this video was coached. I find it highly unlikely you can coach a child for that length of time (apparently the originally video was twice as long as the video on youtube) and expect the child wont slip up somewhere. Baby A. describes in detail all the acts that she has been through and none of these seem coached to me. I am in complete surprise and shock that the child was not placed in foster care (instead of primary custody of her father) until their was a complete and full investigation, supposedly there was a complete investigation but baby A's mothers side of the family was never interviewed??? This makes no sense. Also the fathers attorney is the wife of a family court judge in that same county, (one of two or three family judges Ive heard), this is totally absurd. I feel for the mother and her family that they are going through this nightmare and I pray to God that the sweet little Angel is safe right now. I pray she is not being abused and that she will get to see her mommy (who she has not seen in months now) again soon.

Please feel free to post openly and honestly on this blog. I will delete posters who gang up on people or who use vulgar language. Please be mature. I also will not ban you from posting just because you disagree with my theory, everyone is entitled to RESPECTFULLY disagree on topics or theories. I would love for baby A's fathers family to come on here and discuss the case and hear there side of the story too. My personal opinion is that the father should take a lie detector test to prove he is innocent if he truly wants the public to think he did not abuse his daughter...but thats just my opinion and will probably never happen.

Again, I pray for this family and hope they will get to see their family soon. I will be posting this video soon and pictures of baby A.

May God Bless you Baby A. and Keep you Safe! We love You!!!

Poly P.I. ~


  1. Thank you, Poly, for making this site so we all have our own voice for this little girl. Where we can speak our opinions with out having the threat of being banned or silenced. Thank you, very much!

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  3. This is cool Poly.
    I don't understand how some can possibly think this child was coached

  4. Now we can post whatever we want!!!


  5. Things are heating up over at Bubba's.

  6. From what I have read, I believe that the judge currently presiding on this case is from out of county. This negates the possible conflict from the father's attorney being married to a Family Law Judge in Placer County(her husband never presided over this case).

    The full video was approx. 27 minutes long, and I have seen it. The remainder of the video really did not seem to be relevant to this story.

    The video clip most have seen was taped the night before this child was to have been returned to her father (after Connie had her for 4-5 days) as part of the shared custody in place at the time. Why did Connie not take her daughter to her own pediatrician and tell him or her that she suspected abuse?? Doctors I have met and dealt with take these suspicions very seriously! Instead of a recording, why not go to someone who could help prove this allegation and suspicion?

    What prompted the recording that night? Did Connie expect the baby to tell her this story about the worm? Was this child telling this story during the day? Was she quizzed by her mother and aunt(who also lives with Connie and the child) during the days preceeding it? If so, there may be some contamination of the child's memories and statements as far as the professionals are concerned. It is important to question a child correctly, especially at such a young age.

    As far as Connie's 'witnesses', their statements and opinions can and should be brought up by Connie's attorney during the trial. It is not standard procedure to interview them before then, or as part of the MDIC interview process. At the trial, these witnesses can be put on the stand. Any experts Connie has can also be put on the stand to refute any of the findings of the 730 interview and report that the court has. The father's attorney will also be allowed to introduce his 'witnesses' and experts. Both sides can cross examine the 'witnesses' and experts. This is why Connie's family was not interviewed. Both parents and the child were interviewed by professionals during the 2 MDIC sessions. It is the court's job to sort all this out. All of the findings from the interview of the parents and child are included in the 730 report.

    Connie really needs some medical evidence to prove this allegation of sexual and physical abuse of the child. What does this child's pediatrician say about what he or she saw back in the beginning of last year when the first complaints of this child (per her mother's own timeline on Child Protection Community Blog)? What was the cause of the mysterious rash on the baby's face? What was the reason her bottom and private areas hurt?

    What was the reason that Connie lost physical custody of her child in July of 2008 (per the timeline- the Step program was in part responsible for the custody being given to the father)? Why did the court feel that there should no longer be 50/50 custody and only supervised visitation of such a limited nature for Connie?

    And why, oh why has the mother's attorney not filed a Ex-Parte motion about the visitation not being restored to Connie???? Her attorney can take this back to the judge, without any input from the opposing attorney. Is there a problem with finding a visitation facility? WHat is the hold up???? This child is loved, and loves her mother. They both need to see each other.

    I believe that Connie thinks the abuse is real, but thinking it and proving are nothing alike. Especially in court.

  7. Karen, where are you being banned or silenced? I have read your posts on a couple of sites, and I am confused. Have I missed another blog about this case?

  8. Aelia, I was banned from CONSerned and I think that Chicana was banned for a week at WS because of the baby A thread. BNN went private because of the attacks on Haleigh's thread and Baby A's. I just feel that everyone is allowed their opinion and if "you" don't agree with it, don't respond. I chose to believe in what Baby A has said.

    Also, from what I know, the Auburn Police Department wouldn't authorize for the baby to be examined. Even when her pediatrician made a referral, the APD wouldn't authorize it.

  9. Interesting, I was under the impression Connie went directly to the hospital, and asked for an exam without a referral from a doctor.

    This is confusing to me. I can't imagine why the police would be 'authorizing' a medical exam. What was the police department be expected to authorize? It would not even be collection of evidence of abuse until and if a medical doctor had found signs of some sort of abuse. At that point I would expect the police and CPS to become involved and a specialist would document evidence found by doctors.

    What did the regular pediatrician find that would warrant a referral to the hospital(presumably this would be where the county specialists and doctors would see the child and do tests, take pictures and collect this much needed evidence)? Did Connie take the baby to her own doctor or just to the hospital and ask for a specialized exam looking for sexual or physical abuse? From what I know about the procedure, it is a fairly invasive and intense exam. Children that age rarely get a vaginal exam, complete with zoom photos and blood and urine test.

    Back to my most pressing question- what does this child's regular peditrician say about the complaints this child had about pain in her private areas? And the rash- what was the diagnosis? What was did this pediatrician say after having his referral for an investigative exam overruled by the police? A statement from this person would really help Connie prove her case.

    I have also heard some rumors of the father allegedly drugging this child- have blood tests ever been run to confirm this?

  10. I find it ludicrous that people get so worked up on blogs when others don't agree. Heck if we all had the same interpretation and opinions, there would not be much point in commenting!

    You don't have to agree with my opinions, and I respect your right to have your own. But no one should go after another person for a difference of opinion!

    Some people just behave differently when they have the anonymity and distance of a keyboard. They in all likelihood would never behave that way face to face. At least I hope they wouldn't!

  11. I get bored when everyone agrees with me.

  12. At least in this story, that is not a problem. There are so many points of view and so many ways to look at this.

    I am hoping this can be an adult discussion and not a schoolyard bully match.

    The most important thing about this, is that this is about a real child, and her welfare. It is not about being right, we can't know the true story just looking in from the net. There seems to be a lot of accusations on both sides without much in the way of concrete facts.

    I am praying for the judge to have the wisdom to see the truth and do what it best for this child, regardless of whether I agree with the outcome. This is why I get so angry when I read comments saying I will laugh when I am proven right (right about this child being abused!!). WOW- way to lose the focus and the point! It is not about us, it is about what is right, and what is really going on. We just do not have all the facts- and we probably never will.

  13. As long as people don't attack eachother, then this will be a civil blog. When one states they are receiving information from either side of this story, "you" have to choose (I guess) which side you believe. I have said numerous times that there are three sides to the story, your's mine and the truth - but when I say something it's always the truth (LOL). All I'm saying is there are people out there that claim they are getting the truth, which they are not, IMO.

  14. Without the video I wouldn't know who or what to believe.
    I believe Aaliyah was abused by her dad, the worm wasn't a toy, it didn't have anything to do with baby einstein, it made her cough, it was yucky, it hurt her mouth, and her dad had to wipe it off with like a napkin.

  15. Without the video I wouldn't know who or what to believe.
    I believe Aaliyah was abused by her dad, the worm wasn't a toy, it didn't have anything to do with baby einstein, it made her cough, it was yucky, it hurt her mouth, and her dad had to wipe it off with like a napkin.

  16. Chicana, I totally agree with you. I still say that you can't coach a 2.5 year old to say anything for that amount of time without them saying, "What mommy? I forgot" And someone said once that Hollywood should be contacted if she was coached because they would have one hell of a child prodigy star on their hands.

    And when I said that I can't wait to be proven right, I never meant that I wanted this child to be abused. That person I was talking to kept on attacking me and what I was saying. I don't like that person, she had said once that if she was wrong she would eat her keyboard, and that's what I was telling her that I would be happy about, and I would love to see a picture of her eating it too!

  17. Aelia, thanks for your oppinions and all are welcome here, even though I might not agree with someone, I will still listen to their oppinions, I have MANY of the same questions you do, number one why is connies attorney not filing an ex parte to get visitation started? Why didnt the police allow connie to get the baby examined, (from what I understand but I might be wrong, connie did not have custody at the time the baby was in her care when this happened so she wasnt allowed to or something like that), as for why she did not have custody, we really do not know but many 'professionals' have looked into the case and found that connie did nothing wrong to deserve loosing custody of that child. My guess is that the dads lawyer did have pull in the family court and even though that attorney was NOT the judge, I cant imagine it not having an effect on the outcome of the case. I would move if I were Connie so that I could get the family court proceedings in a different county. That is after she gets her child back. (If infact she can which we all pray that she does). Did you watch the video of the exchanges with the dad??? Even if the child was coached (which I highly doubt) there is no way the fahter should have taken baby A out of her mothers arms like that and kept her from her while the baby was screaming her little head off, I thought that was totally cruel. If I were the dad I would have waited till she calmed down or let the mom come along to calm her down or soemthing, I wouldnt torture the child that way, that in itself tells me much about the father. He didnt even seem to console her. My oppinion only. But I do believe in that video and I think something definitely happened with 'daddys worm' and that now he and his attorney and everyone in that 'system' is trying to cover up their blatent ignorance of this sexual child abuse. Of course this is my oppinion with all the information I have. The answer could easily be solved by the father taking a polygraph but he wont talk to anyone and Ive heard that the mom has already agreed to one if he does. To me that tells me he has something to hide. *All posts are my oppinion only*.

  18. I keep spelling opinion wrong haha, and do not know how to edit this yet, sorry peeps.:-)

  19. I got the impression that when Connie got to the hospital, she called the police for this mysterious 'authorization', she did have custody. How else would she have been able to take the baby to the hospital? She could not have removed the child from the visitation facility. But I could be wrong. A prize to the first poster to figure out the timing of this hospital/police event. LOL

    You say that many 'professionals' have looked at this case and found Connie 'did nothing to deserve losing custody'. I have to disagree, as both the STEP program, the MDIC specialists, and the CPS workers contributed to the removal of this child. Connie says STEP took her daughter away last July. If you read her timeline, you can see that the interview Connie had with the lady at STEP did NOT go well.

    At some point, she must have doned something that made the judge think he could not trust her with this little girl. She went from shared custody to supervised visits only. That is fairly harsh for someone who has done nothing. I have my own opinions as to what went on (based on Connie's own words in the timeline document).

    Also moving would not alter the jurisdiction of the court. The cases are heard where they are filed, in this case Placer County. This is not a criminal case, and there is no change of venue. I believe this is also the explanation for why Connie came back from Alaska. Dustin filed in the courts here. I just don't buy the "I wanted my abusive (to both me and my 3 week old baby) ex to be involved in raising my child. WTF??? What mother thinks this way. If you are not safe around this guy - why would your helpless infant be????

    As far as the claims this video was 'coached'. I take that to mean this child was led in a direction to have this conversation, which could have been done unitentionally during the week prior to when it was recorded. Remember Connie had her for 4-5 days before this video, she was to turn her over to her father the day she took the video to the Auburn Police.

    Given that she believed in abuse, and that it was escalating for many months, she quizzed the child. Her interaction(and her sister's) and responses, as well as even the wording of the questions and the amount of time they spent trying to find out what was bothering the child- very likely altered the 'reality' for this child. At that age, their memories are notoriously fickle, and they will pick up on what you want to hear (in order to please you). It is not so much that the baby was taught a script, but she knew what they had been reacting to, and that if she continued the conversations that her aunt and mother had given her their complete focus on all week, she would not have to go to sleep, and she got both of their attention.

    I know I am rambling, but is it difficult to explain this 'coaching' concept. There was no script, just a familiar subject. Basically they contaminated any memories this child may have had just by asking the questions.

    It is all open to interpretation, and there are so many missing bits of information and details that truly matter when trying to determine the reality. Like you said- there are at least 3 sides to every reality.

  20. As far as the video of the exchanges, Connie and her family (some times she had the entire family there for these exchanges) and Dustin's family definitely do not like each other. I am being kind phrasing it so civilly. I don't think anyone can disagree with this. There were always many people present on each side. I don't know about anyone else, but I never had that many people with me when I did the child exchanges with my ex!!! It is truly,in my opinion, a power struggle/show of force and an example of how polarized this whole extended family is. Sad, and stressful, and scary for a small child who loves both families.

    I believe that this child was very sensitive to the growing animosity and anger betweent these adults. I have seen kids behave this way when taken to day care too. Throwing all out fits until the parent is gone. They handle it the same way that this father did(and all the rest of us probablywould have comforted the child, and possibly delayed the exchange until the child calmed down). Connie even admits that her daughter came home from visits happy. And that she appears to love her father. That has to be hard for Connie, cos she hates him, and believes he is a child molester (what if she is wrong?,she is only hurting her daughter and herself). Kids pick up on our emotions, and this ugly exchange video was only a small sample of the reality.

    This child was caught is what is at best a very ugly and angry custody battle, and at worst an abusive situation. Of course she had sleep disruptions, tantrums, potty training issues and all the rest. It is more the rule than the exception is these contentious custody(or divorce) battles.

  21. Every story is so different. I have read so many cases since Kelsey Smith Briggs' case and I have seen too many different ways CPS and the police or a judge does things. I can't figure out why some children die when CPS is involved and why some don't. Why some people are believed and everything is done correctly and why some people are considered "crazy and delusional" and turned away. There are millions of stories where in the end things turn out alright and there are millions of stories where in the end things turn out terribly wrong.

    I do not have the answers to your questions, I don't even know if Connie knows why the police wouldn't authorize the exam. I DO know that the "father" and his father work for the county. One of the family court judges is married to the "father's" lawyer and Connie did not have representation all the time through the three years this has been happening. She isn't having visitations right now, so there isn't anything that little Aali is saying or doing being documented. All that you read on the internet in favor of the father is from ONE person that isn't involved in this case as much as she thinks she is. I don't care if she is speaking to Amara herself! Everything she says comes from the "father's" side and who has more to lie about? IMO, HE does. I'm not telling you to believe me, and I'm not telling you to believe Connie. There is a little girl who spoke for 27 minutes speaking of what her "father" was doing to her. I cannot sit here and agree with anyone that states she was coached. I can't even get my 2.5 year old daughter to say "thank you" for Pete's sake!!!! And I have been "coaching" her for two years!!!! Connie did not ask questions like "Where did he touch you?" or anything else, she only asked "Who is giving you owies?" "Why are you saying these things?" She would ask her everything BUT "Did your daddy do this?" "Did your Grandpa do that?" Everything that Aali said came from her mouth. And then the exchanges video, how can one see that this baby has any type of love for that man? She does NOT want to go to him! She won't touch him! She won't even LOOK at him. And when people say, "She's so happy when she comes back to mama, he can't be doing these things" HOW can one believe that???? That baby is so happy to see her mom because she KNOWS she is going to be safe for at least the next 5 days or so!!!! I am tired of fighting, I'm tired of discussing this case with people who only go by their experiences with their child or their county or their CPS. EVERY case is different. I wish I had the answers for you, I was NOT there and I don't ask those questions. I believe what Aaliyah has said and I DO NOT believe she was coached.

    I am sorry, I am not yelling at you perse, I am just tired of if I don't have the right answers to anyone's questions then Connie is considered a liar and I am considered a patsy. I believe what Aaliyah has said, and I believe that they need to do a thorough investigation. 11 reported instances to CPS does not make an investigation.

  22. One more thing, Connie lost custody because the judge took her civil rights away from her and stated she could no longer video tape her daughter, nor could she voice record her. Aaliyah started speaking of the "worm" and Connie turned on the video tape. Connie is Aaliyah's only voice. She is her advocate. SHE IS HER MOTHER! If she wasn't screaming for the help her daughter needs, who would? NO ONE!! If she didn't do anything about what her daughter was saying or doing, she'd be put in jail for enabling abuse! This whole thing is ridiculous and the child needs to be taken out of that home, have the physical sexual abuse exam done and then go from there. IMO!

  23. Aelia, i hear what your saying and youve made some valid points. I still do not think there is any way in heck that the child could have been coached to say all she did for that length of time without 'slipping up'. For us to believe what you suggested, where she was told things over a four or five day period and asked questions about coughing and using napkins and things like that would suggest that connie was outright putting crap in her head, the way she (connie)was crying on that tape seemed very real to me and in no way staged. Nor did the whole description of what baby A explained about the yucky worm which made her cough. I have tried and tried to get past the video tape and look at other evidence but I just cant, if the child was coached she deserves the finest academy award of the century! i would like to see both parents take lie detector tests though, i think that would give us a good start.

    About the exchanges video, if the father was so caring and loving, why did he allow his baby girl to go on screaming and crying after she was taken from mommy, a good idea was to let her stay with mommy until she calmed down. When she was screaming like that, i had flash backs of when my oldest son was abused by a babysitters boyfriend and my son screamed the same way!!! i had to pry his hands off the back seat of the car to get him to go into her home. i thought it was just separation anxiety at the time but my insides said something is not right. Without totally incriminating myself i will say that i took some drastic measures (using technological equiptment) at the time to find out the answers to my questions, and boy did i find out!!! he was being abused badly and the guy got away with a year probation and 300 dollar fine!!! still pizzed to this day about that, but that horrible scream my baby boy at 2 1/2 was the same screaming she is doing, seems like she is not happy going to daddys, Ive never seen a baby scream like that during a custody exchange before.

  24. We've heard no accusations of abuse by Connie.
    There are a few on Dad's side who claim to be in the know about the case, yet at the same time they're throwing out their 'inside information' they'll add this vague comment in order to make Connie look bad...."I'd like to know why doesn't Connie get to see her daughter. A mother has to do something really bad to lose custody of her child."
    Shouldn't they know ? They know everything else and if Connie had done something horrible they would be SINGING it to whoever would listen.
    All they come up with is that Connie was told not to record Aaliyah and that she's violating the gag order by not removing everything from the net (like that's in her control at this point).

    Why hasn't Aaliyah seen her mom ?
    Connie is being punished for her unpopular actions in this custody battle, in violation of her civil/constitutional rights.
    An AFRA member posted some case law regarding using custody to punish a parent.


    > Custody is not awarded as a reward to, or punishment of, either
    > parent. Ketron v. Ketron, 15 Ark.App. 325 (1985).

    > The court should not treat
    > child custody as a penalty or reward for a parent's conduct.
    > Annest v. Annest, 49 Wash. 2d 62, 64, 298 P.2d 483, 484 (1956).
    Connie hasn't been accused of the behavior in the case below, but I'm adding this because I think the principal point is important.
    An act
    against an innocent spouse, may not be considered as evidence going
    to the fitness of the mother for child custody
    > In syllabus point four of J. B. v. A. B, 161 W.Va. 332, 242
    > S.E.2d 248 (1978), we explained:
    > Acts of sexual misconduct by a mother, albeit wrongs
    > against an innocent spouse, may not be considered as evidence going
    > to the fitness of the mother for child custody unless her conduct is
    > so aggravated, given contemporary moral standards, that reasonable
    > men would find that her immorality, per se, warranted a finding of
    > unfitness because of the deleterious effect upon the child of being
    > raised by a mother with such a defective character.

    More or less, it doesn't matter if Connie's wrong and Dustin is innocent.
    Her allegations against him should have nothing to do with her right to see her child.

  25. I agree Chicana, it would be great to know why the judge removed custody and switched her over to formally supervised visitation.

    This child needs to be able to have consistency in her life. Her mother not being able to at least see her in visits is wrong. Why has this not been rectified? I don't believe this mother was denied custody because she was immoral. So what case law did the judge use to restrict her access to visitation? Why can't they at least go back to supervised visitation. The only reason it was stopped was because the visitation facility refused to let Connie continue there. It had nothing to do with her being allowed visitation. It was only the facility that stopped her. So there must be other facilities in the greater Sacramento area, and I had heard from Karen that she had indeed found another visitation center. SO WHAT IS THE HOLDUP?? Enough already, this child deserves the right to see her mother!

  26. Chicana ***SPEECH GIRLFRIEND*** That was an excellent post! You always manage to take the words right out of my mouth! I cannot organize my thoughts and come up with such great ways of saying what you can, (prob my adhd) lol, but anyway you are sooo right, court is NOT supposed to use that as a punishment! darn girl you missed the boat you should have been an ATTORNEY! just tell connie to loose hers and hire you!!! lol. seriously though you are right!

    Lets consider this, that it is the good ole boys system there and THAT is why she was given supervised visits, and THAT is why she is denied any further contact unsupervised AND THAT is why she is being silenced. It is totally my opinion that this is being done to her to shut her up and keep themselves out of the spotlight and from getting in trouble, why else would the visitation center not allow her to see her child? because she took a photo? big whoopi. I also heard that dustins attorney is in with someone who manages the visitation center (I believe I heard this on simon and jans show) and that they are just trying to make it hard for her to get contact with the child at all, everyone is trying to cover their arse if you ask me, they are at the end of their ropes and do not know what to do to shut this women up and keep themselves from looking bad. she is NOT shutting up and neither are we!!!

    Aelia, I too agree that this is taking way to long, both attorneys should have found a place where she can see the child, I have a feeling (lord i hope Im right) that the judge is NOT going to be too happy with both attorneys for not getting the mom a place to see her child, I feel that this is going to look really bad on dustins attorney and that the judge would not want people thinking he/she has anything to do with this mom not being able to see her child.

    I say hire a private investigator to stalk dustin and find out what he is doing with the child. It is legal to have an investigator checking on your child (i was going to do that before everything was resolved) and that it costs around 3,000, but totally worth it. I believe a third party recording things is legal and it can be used in court.

    Speaking of which Im thinking of starting a fund for connie since she still hasnt made enough money for this case, I will have to talk to a few people about the legalities behind this, I would love to see her hire a private i, I bet dustin would back off real quick knowing he couldnt go anywhere or do anything without his every move being watched, even online!!! They have gadgits! lots of em'. But if we could raise enough money for this it would be great, does anyone know if there is a fund already set up?

  27. Thunderstorm woke me up.
    You're right about them trying to cover their butts. You said it perfectly, straight from the heart.
    It's not in THEIR best interests for Connie to see Aali. They don't want her to speak to anyone who will listen, then the world would know that the 'experts' gave this child to her abuser.

  28. Hey everyone, have you been following the Bubba site? I swear, those freaks are NUTS! I will never post there again. I don't even know who they are yelling at anymore. C~A sits there an says something to the affect of "have you seen him put his penis in her mouth? NO, you weren't there." Well then, was she there to see him NOT put his penis in her mouth? No, so what is the point? The point is is that Aaliyah is still in that home and no one has cared enough to follow all protocols into the sexual abuse allegations.

    Anyway, Poly, the only thing I know of where you can donate money to, for Aaliyah's case, is at saveaaliyah.com. I don't think there is anything else. But I believe you are right, she needs a PI....hope she can get one!

    There was supposed to have been paperwork completed a week after the last court date for visitations to have started again. I have absolutely no clue what happened with that.

  29. Thanks for the update Karen, again You are an awesome person for helping save this baby and when she gets big Im sure she is going to give you a hugggeee hug!!! Looking into the donation thing and hoping that connie can get some money for an investigation to be done. I dont see why she cant hire her own investigatos to check things out. Paperwork dosnt take a week, what are these folks waiting for??? A needs to see her mommy :0(

  30. Hey everyone, I finally made it across from BNN.

    I agree its getting ridiculous over at BTLS. CeeA keeps saying she isnt going to post there anymore and a few weeks later she's back with yet another hysterical irrational rant. When I read her posts I hear Mrs Crabtree the crazy paranoid bus driver from South Park.

    I genuinely can't understand why this has gone on so long. A needs contact with her mom, the bond they have is more than evident in the exchanges video. I can't actually watch the exchanges with the sound on anymore as the sound of poor baby A's screams go right through me.

    I think a PI is a great idea, I'm guessing they are expensive though?

    When was the next hearing due - according to a comment on BTLS it had been changed?

    Have we had any update from Dr Saturley - has he managed to speak to the 'father' and his family yet or were they still ignoring him?

    I'm not naive, I realise we only know what we've seen and read and there's lots of unanswered questions but everytime I doubt the abuse I remind myself of what baby A told us in the Daddys Worm video, I have to believe A.

    Thanks again Poly for creating this blog for A.

  31. The next court date was set for August 28, but it has been pushed to September 21. Why? I don't know. I'm assuming Amara needs a vacation - OR - is it that she can't prove that Connie has any control over who speaks about this case anymore? The last I heard about Dr. Saturley, he is still waiting for the courts to approve his coming to Cali to do the evaluation. And I doubt he will ever speak to the "father" voluntarily by him.
    I don't think I have ever had doubt about the abuse but ONCE when everyone on BNN was trying to tell me it wa a hoax. I have read a timeline that has so much more information that makes me believe every word of what baby A was saying and doing. And I definitely don't see a scorned woman. Maybe in the beginning she was afraid of this "man", but she is now strong and will not let him control her any longer. I have been in a couple abusive relationships...thank the LORD I never had kids with them. But I know if I did, I would never have come back to Cali if I was safe somewhere else. I'm sure Connie wishes she could turn back time and do things differently. But, of course, no one has the power to do that.

    Anyway, just for the record, I was reading BTLS this morning and Cubby keeps insinuating I am posting over there. I haven't posted there since Retardo told me to not help Sherry Orbach and where he/she keeps insiting I posted my own information on the that board. I won't ever post there again, they are really nuts and I hope they find this blog and soon!

    Glad to see you here Justice!!! Hope you are well! And when I read C~A's posts, I always hear Charlie Brown's school teacher!

    Hopefully we will here something new and good soon. I can't stand knowing baby A is still there. I hope Connie's lawyer gets the ball rolling!

    Love to all and prayers to baby A!

  32. Oh! I forgot to mention Chicana's post on BTLS!!! I love you girl! I agree with Poly, you should have been a lawyer! Your posts are always intelligent and well thought out and I always love the faint hint of sarcasm! I am so glad to "know" you. ALL of you are awesome!

  33. I wanted to be a lawyer when I was a kid.
    As for my sarcasm, I can't help myself.
    Someone once told me that I was a b!#!# in a way that only I could be. I was so proud.

    The BTLS propedos don't seem to care at all about Aaliyah, it's all about attacking Connie.

  34. hahaha I know karen Chicana is the epitomy of *GREATNESS* there is no other way to put it. When I first read her posts over on websleuths i believe it was, I fell in love with her wit. I was like wow, someone who can say what i want to say in 100 words or less lol, where it would take me whole page to do it.

    And Karen, what I adore about you is that you are extremely passionate about your cases! And like me, you refuse to believe something just because someone tells you so. Like for example the Briggs case, although we may have disagreed on certain aspects of the case, you respectfully disagreed with me and did not conform to my beliefs just to appease me. I thought that was great! Im also the same way too. Also, You are truly a child/people lover and anyone can tell you would gladly go to the ends of the earth to save someone from harms way!!! That is a quality few possess in this day and age.

    Chicana, you crack me up, you said someone told you you can be a b&*%& in a way that only you could be, but sometimes you have to be, if the honey does not win the bees over and youve exhausted all your efforts, then sometimes you just have to get tough. tough love. Sock it to em Chicky! lol. I thought it was cool how everyone was saying something else on that missing childs case and you went against 90 percent of the posters!!! I also have that feeling, i dont care if a million people on that thread said that so and so was in the right, if I felt he was wrong then I would say it! I dont follow popular demand at all. Neither do you I see lol.

    And JusticeforAaliyah thanks for thanking me for this blog, I did it so we could speak freely about this case and never get shut down no matter what our thoughts!!! I mean we can do that at bnn too but I feel Im in a certain 'safe' zone here.

    You guys are probably right, they will prob come over here from btls but if they start any of that rediculous crap I have read over there here, that will get deleted faster than Mario Andretti in the WSC. I could not believe how immature some of the posters were there but I have to admit I did laugh quite hartily at the way some of the posters described one poster in particular (not going there on here though).

    Anyway back to finish reading the last posts over at bubba, i only made it through 700 last night, fell asleep at laptop, woke up with it sticking me in the head somehow. not fun. Does anyone know if bubba is doing an update? im glad he at least covered this, hopefully some other news will come along soon, A needs to see her mommy dang it.


  35. oh yeah thanks again karen for that link:-)

  36. Waking up with a laptop for a pillow is never fun. I don't believe there is any news to do an update on either BNN or BTLS.

    Wow, another week without her mother seeing her...how sad is that?

  37. No matter what is going on in court, the latest judge said visitation should resume.

    This is what is important now. Hopefully Connie has a new visitation center, and her lawyer will get off his butt and file a motion to force this child's attorney to comply with the court ordered visitation.

    I just do not understand how these 3 attorneys(his, hers and the baby's) can't get this together. This baby should be allowed to see her mother.

  38. Maybe we should send an email to the judge, asking him/her to enforce the court ordered visitation.

  39. Connie's lawyer needs to file the motion. There is no excuse for this not being done. It has nothing to do with Amara or the father. If Connie has a visitation facility, the child's guardian ad litem and her attorney should be able to set up visits. If not, the court will order it. What is the hold up here? If they don't comply after that, the courts will deal with the father and his attorney. If this motion does not get filed, it looks like Connie is not making the effort she needs to to see her baby. I just don't understand why this is not being done yet. What is her attorney doing instead????

  40. I am just so sad this mother has not been able to see her child. This child has to miss her so much.

    If it were me, I would have moved heaven and earth to make this happen immediately after the last court date. The judge gave her the solution- file the exparte. I am heartbroken that this child is still caught between parents that can't put her first.

  41. I know its really sad. I am sooo praying (as I shall in church tomorrow morning too) that the baby does NOT forget who her mommy is...its so important for her to resume a relationship with her mom. I would hope to the good lord that D is not abusing her either...I would think he wouldnt knowing he has the world watching him now. But at least I hope he is treating baby A like a princess. I am sooo mad that C has not seen the baby at all. :-(

  42. Chicana that is a good idea, does anyone have the judges name/address??? i would loveeee to send this judge a nice long letter about why its in his best interest to do something about the fact that this child has not seen her mommy in wayyy to long:-)

    I need another link to that btls site because I cant find it again...i went back in these posts and I dont see it, Karen could you please link it again for me? Im sorry, thanks again so much!!!


  43. I can try to find out the email of the judge for you. Here is the link for BTLS, they are getting nuttier over there. Chicana, I would try to back you up over there, but they twist everything I say. At least they are letting you "speak". Good going!


  44. Hey Chicana, did you see where we are helping Connie get a PI to "spy" on Dustin and the Thompsons? I told you they were nuts. Go read BTLS for some laughter, I'm sure it will make your day.

  45. How is anyone who thinks she should hire a private investigator to follow dustin helping her get one?

    That is quite a leap. I see support for the idea here, but no one is helping her get one.

  46. I think she should spend whatever money she has to get the exparte motion filed, and pay for visitation. This is crazy how long it has been since she has seen her daughter. Why isn't the child's representative helping get this done, or her lawyer???

  47. Well, Flamingo, that is why I say they are nuts.

    I don't have an answer for you about the ex parte. I am trying to get the answers.

    There is a very interesting post on the petition site, I wanted to copy and paste it but it exceeded the character count. It's #1718. If you need the link for the petition site, let me know.

  48. Thanks Karen, I think that post is also available on the BTLS site. :)

  49. I saw that Karen.
    I must have wired the $$ for the PI in my sleep.
    I thought he was actually saying we had a PI looking for info on the BTLS posters!! LOL
    Silly me...
    When I sneak a quick look while at work I don't always get the complete picture.

    Where do they get this stuff?

  50. Chicana,
    I have no clue where they get their "information" from. But it just proves how their information is incorrect. I just read on BTLS where Retardo asked Cubby the link where he/she could read the PI information and apparently, we are now deleteing our own posts. I wonder how many lies a minute they tell? Its ridiculous, and funny.

    Flamingos, I remember you saying on BNN that you couldn't find any new information regarding baby A. How did you first come about this case? What do you think of the videos, such as, what is your opinion. I can tell you want the baby and mom to be able to see eachother, but you haven't said much about anything else. Just curious. I like to hear everyone's opinion.

    Poly, where you been girl? I haven't "seen" you in a bit. I hope you are feeling better!

  51. I don't know how to delete my own posts.

  52. Hey All, Ive been out at the beach with the kiddies so I have not been on lately. I hope they did not get that PI stuff from me, I was the one who mentioned a little bit awhile ago that we should all hire a pi to follow dustin to make sure the baby was okay. Im wondering if they read that from me and thought we already did lol. I dont remember when but I def. mentioned that. I wonder why they are so worried about it, if he is such a good father what are they afraid of? Its every americans right to hire a PI and find out information pertaining to child abuse. I do believe it is however illegal to tape record people in certain states especially withthe 'sound' on. Im not sure the exact laws but Im sure hiring a PI in california to investigate child abuse is NOT illegal.

    Anyway, Im getting so sick of the fact that baby A has not seen her mom in such a long time. Its really not fair to her and that is psychologically damaging to her to go that long without seeing her mom, anyone have any new news???

    Im thinking of going on btls too just to find out who these people are, im not going to post under poly though because Im going to go in private, by my posts you all should guess who I am or just email me and Ill tell ya lol. But dont let the cat out of the bag so to speak okay??? lol. ~Preparing for the shit storm~ Over and Out...

    *Still Praying for Baby A*

  53. Hi Poly, good to see you! The beach sounds so nice right about now! I hope you had a lot of fun.

    I read BTLS this morning, I haven't posted to anyone on that site in almost four weeks and they are STILL talking to me and about me. Here is my response "When Will This Stop":

    To: "When Will This Stop" from the BTLS site:

    I have NOT written, posted or spoken to ANYONE ie....Beast, C~A, Butters, Papa, Patty, Cubby or ANYONE else in about three to four weeks. I have realized that these people are certifiably insane. I have nothing to say to them and I refuse to post on that site any longer. I have NEVER asked anyone to send money to Connie, I asked for help, from a lawyer or a psychologist. It is all in black and white. You show me ONCE where I asked for money, and I will say you are right and I am wrong. This case isn't about those people I have mentioned, but they have decided to make it about them. So because they have pissed other people off about their craziness and hurtful and MEAN things they are saying about Connie, don't blame me for that! Keep me out of your "When will this stop", I have stopped. And Patty, I have never emailed you, NEVER and everytime I have told you to post my emails to you, you never have because it was NEVER true! At least when I have said something, it has always been the truth. "When Will This Stop", if you can sit there and read my posts compared to theirs and say that I am the one causing the trouble, then you are just as blind as all the others. I didn't do a thing, I brought a story to BNN and Jan and Simon chose to take it on. I never demanded ANYTHING, because Jan and Simon are sweet and caring people, they chose to believe what Aaliyah has said. THAT is not my fault as well! The above mentioned hate me because they couldn't get me to leave "their" blog that they had decided was theirs and only theirs. Jan and Simon chose to stop the fighting and the attacks. THAT is not my fault. Why don't you fault them for the attacking and ENDLESS circles of questions, which THEY never thought the answers were enough. Just leave me out of this. I speak to the people who want the truth of this story. I have been OVER those idiots (MO) for weeks now. Don't give me a lecture, give them the lecture! They are still screaming and yelling their CRAZY ASS posts on that site. Keep them up guys, they are hiliarious. And Sean, I read your article regarding your illness, I am sorry you are in any pain and I hope all goes well with you. Even though we do not agree on most everything, that doesn't mean that I wish you any pain. Get well soon, or get to feeling a little better as soon as you can.

  54. It's ANOTHER week, and still no visitation. I thought maybe it was a problem finding a facility, but I googled it and there are a bunch of them in her area.

    I wonder if Connie can find a paralegal to file the ex-parte motion. It has been months since this child has seen her mother.

    In answer to your question Karen, I have followed this story since I came across it on BNN when you first told them about it.

    My concern is only for this child, not her parents. I don't see anything to warrant this baby not seeing her mother. I pray that she is safe and happy, and that there was no abuse. The judge will eventually sort this all out, and hopefully Connie's lawyer will cross examine all those who wrote the reports and interviewed this child. This mother and child need to be able to have time together until this gets resolved. It hurts to know this is not happening yet.

    There are just not enough facts out there to support either parent. Just this child, and I believe with all my heart that she should be able to see her mother. It would be wonderful if they could return to shared custody until this is resolved in court.

    I know this is not a popular opinion, but it is mine. I am not questioning anyone's right to another opinion.

  55. Flamingos, your concern is right where it should be. And I would never question your opinion. I didn't know what it was until I asked. Thank you for your response.

  56. Thanks Karen, you are very kind. I know we do not agree on all aspects of this story, but I believe we all agree on what is important in this whole thing. This child is currently not seeing her mother. The primary care giver, and support and focus of this child is/was her mother. Separation from her mother can not be helping this child. The supervised visitation needs to be resumed yesterday...weeks ago. I breaks my heart, and I am willing to do anything I can to help Connie see her child!

  57. If her father loves her, he would be helping her to see her mother!

  58. flamingo, I have been saying that all along, if dustin is such a loving caring father, then why has he not at least tried to get the baby to her mother??? why has he kept the baby from her mom? The sad thing is, Aaliyah will one day again see her mother and there is NOTHING dustin or anyone else can do about it. And when she does she will realize that her mom is a good mom and wonder why her father kept her from her...even if he was innocent (which I doubt and I believe aaliyah in the worm video) he is doing himself a big injustice because aaliyah is going to get older, unless he keeps her out of school she will realize she has been kept from her mother and start asking questions, she will find out the truth...

    My oppinion only, but I think Dustin will have alot of explaining to do, and if he lies, he will eventually be found out by aaliyah, a two year old that talks that well is pretty clever, she is no dummy and will know whats going on...ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME DUSTIN.

    I just hope he bring s her no harm in the meantime. :-(

  59. Ha, ha...I'm sure there are a lot of people who would beg to differ with you regarding how kind I am. But thanks.

    Hey Poly! Glad to see you again! Hope all is well with everyone.

    Prayers that baby A will see her mom today!

  60. I am kind of mad right now that my name is being thrown around on the btls site without my knowledge and statements have been made that are UNTRUE, such as mine was a cps case, there was no such thing, there was never an open case with cps, just an illegal kidnapping charge that was DISMISSED that was brought forth my childrens father and his rediculous radical fathers rights groups who had no idea who they were dealing with!!! So whoever posted on btls that mine was a cps case has libeled me and Im none to happy about it, consiering looking into a lawyer...I do not like being violated this way, Im a VERY private person and I dont even post there so why in the hell would they even mention my name??? Im getting madder as I type this so Im going to go now, I must remember this is about aaliyah and NOT about me. Sorry guys Im a little miffed right now.

  61. Sorry about the stress you are having. They didn't post your real name did they??? Not sure, but I don't think posting something about someone by the nickname they use will hold any weight in a court. We can change our nicknames at least. Breathe, and realize it is all just words. Those that interact with you know you are a kind and honest person. The rest don't really matter unless you let them.

  62. Poly, check your email please.

  63. Poly, your blog is now linked to the SaveAaliyah site! They are reorganizing and making the site more user friendly, and you are listed under the news articles page!

    Congratulations on the support recognition.

  64. Sorry Poly. Don't let them get to you.

    I haven't read over there in a couple days. Our internet has been down at work and I'm swamped now that the kids are back in school.
    There's obviously someone who posts there that's either close to Dustin or absolutely crazy. You're a better person than any one of them.
    What's clear is that Dustin's supporters vehemently and viciously defend him. For them, it's all about DUSTIN. They very rarely even talk about Aaliyah.

    For us, it's all about Aaliyah. We don't spend our time attacking Dustin.

    We support Connie because she wants what all of us want, and that's for Aaliyah to be safe.

  65. wow! i was linked to that site? Im pretty thankful for that! Ill have to check it out! Thanks to whoever had a hand in that! I hope something new is happening and baby a will get to see her mommy soon! Im off to bed because I have an early work day tomorrow so Ill post more later! byes for now all.

  66. I heard there is a police report circulating of two criminals that helped Dustin. There is more and more info out circulating that proves the mother is telling the truth. Have I told you all that I have even seen visitation reports? I heard it is all going up on saveaaliyah. Also, I heard that Dr. Saturley has it all!! I also heard that Dr. Saturley spoke about Aaliyah on Bubba's show last week. Dang, I wish I would have heard that show. Does anyone know if you can listen to past shows? I can't wait for the stie to be updated.

  67. That would be great to know Karen, I missed the initial Bubba show.

    What do the visitation reports say? Any word on Connie seeing her child yet?

    Found a blog with nice things to say about you (search troyinillinois on wordpress).

  68. Karen, please check your PM's over on blogger news forum.


  69. Hey Peeps, Flamingo were you speaking to me when stating troy in illinois or something else? also, I would love to know what Dr. Saturley has said about this case last week, I think there is an archival thingy on bubbas website that lets you go back to the article and find the transcripts.

    Karen I know what you mean about being busy getting the kiddos ready for school. I just finished all of my school shopping and happy that part is done. Cant wait to have some more time to work and get ready for christmas. Anyway enough about me, I pray for baby A everyday and hope she is safe, at least the dustin supporters feel confident that she is and Im hoping they are right about that.

    Its so sad she has not seen her mommy though so I hope C's attorney is fighting that right now, Ive never seen it take this long before, its so weird.

    ~Prayers everyday for Baby A~

  70. Anyone know what is going on with the case, someone email me. Chicana, I wouldnt bother talking to opposers on btls, its really a complete waste of time, no one is going to change anyone's frame of thinking unfortunately so you just have to not care what they say. If it was not for the video of baby A, I would seriously wonder if connie was telling the truth too, but after seeing that, no one can convince me that a 2 year old child can talk that long being coached, its just too real. I just cannot believe that the courts do not listen to aaliyah's voice. Heres the thing, when A is old enough unfortunately shell watch the video herself, and it WILL bring back memories... shell know what happened and the truth will be brought out.

    ~Still Praying for Baby A~

  71. Hey everyone, I'm wondering if things have been so quiet because they have been refacing saveaaliyah.com. Have you seen it lately? I just went there today and there are some interesting links to a photobucket with some court documents and such. I saw that rumor on BTLS about Connie being able to see Aaliyah soon. I sure hope so. I've also heard another rumor, but I'll post that a little later. I don't know how true it is, so when it is confirmed; I will tell. It has something to do with Dustin's brother Adam and his girlfriend and Connie's lawyer's son.

    Flmaingos, I have responded to your PMs. I hope you are ok, I haven't heard from you since.

    Hope all is well with everyone.

  72. Poly and Chicana, check your emails please. Thanks!

  73. I have just looked at the documentation on the SaveAaliyah.com site. It just reinforces my view that Aaliyah has been abused.

    The police reports about Tanya and John show they are NOT credible witnesses against Connie, Tanya committed fraud in Connies name so they obviously have a grudge against her.

    The visitation reports just show what a good Mom Connie is.

    As for Dustins own admissions.....Well they speak for themselves.

    'It tells me that I do have an anger problem and it does need to be changed if I ever want to be happy and to make someone happy. It also tells me that choices I make brings a lot of this anger on myself but I take it out on the ones that mean the most to me. I need to learn to control it and a lot of the the problems and pain for myself and my loved ones will go away.

    It tells me that I need to blame myself for most of the problems. The fact Connie doesn't trust me, my anger, my stubborness, my lack of sensitivity, insecurity problems etc, I should forgive Connie for feeling the way she does instead of getting upset about it. It's not fair for me to do that nor does it help matters.'

    Why can't the judge see what is so blatantly obvious to everyone else that has actually taken the time to analyse the documentation?

    Aaliyah needs her Mom, that is so apparent. Where is the justice for her?

  74. I posted this on BTLS because with the emails I received, I think that's where they wanted me to put this information. But because of moderation, I'm not sure if it will show up untiil Monday:

    I know I said I wouldn’t post here anymore, but I found this very interesteing.

    Thanks to whomever posted my email on BTLS and Ireport, I have now received three emails this morning regarding an altercation between Dustin’s brother Adam, his Girlfriend, Danielle Simon and Connie’s lawyer’s son (they didn’t give me their names).

    Supposedly, Adam and Danielle got in Connie’s lawyer’s son’s face yelling and threatening that Connie is insane and his father should drop her. I was told it almost became physical.

    Adam, if this is true, it only supports Connie’s claim that Dustin is abusing his child. IMO

    Why would anyone go to the lengths of violence if there is nothing to hide?

    By the looks of all the documentation on SaveAaliyah.com the Thompson’s have PLENTY to hide.

    And why didn’t you go directly after her lawyer and not his son? That is sad and pathetic.

    If Dustin was so innocent, I don’t think you would be defending him with violence or threats of violence, screaming and intimidation.

    Connie nor her family have threatened anyone with violence!

    In one of the emails I received, it says the Trocodero wants you to come back, but they think you won’t because you are a pussy like Dustin and your father JD Thompson, all tough talk and no action….(not my words, I’m quoting).

    Do you think threatening the son of her lawyer is going to stop the legal actions toward Dustin?

    She is entitled to legal council. Your actions have totally proven to me that you Thompson’s have so much to hide. Again, their words not mine.

    I don’t think I would have received this in my email unless they wanted it on BTLS because obviously Adam and Danielle post and read here…..

    Also it said something about how Adam and Dustin both have slept with Adam’s girlfriend Danielle. That’s just wrong.

    Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Justice4Aaliyah, I know. When I read that site I was shocked. But not too much, it proves all that Connie has said in the past, IMO. Check your PM in a minute.

  75. Here is a song that totally reminds me of the baby a situation, it was written by my favorite singer for a mother who was jailed for killing the molestor father who abused her daughter...You can AND SHOULD listen to the song on youtube BUT Im warning you do not watch the video.. it will reduce you to complete tears...

    ~This song is dedicated to all the moms out there who had to be put in this horendous situation where they felt they had no choice but to run or commit a felony.~


    I can't feel my senses
    I just feel the cold
    All colours seem to fade away
    I can't reach my soul

    I would stop running
    If I knew there was a chance
    It tears me apart, to sacrifice it all
    But I'm forced to let go

    Tell me I'm frozen
    But what can I do?
    Can't tell the reasons
    I did it for you

    When lies turn into truth
    I sacrifice for you
    You say that I am frozen
    But what can I do?

    I can feel your sorrow
    (I sacrifice)
    You won't forgive me
    But I know you'll be alright
    It tears me apart that you will never know
    But I have to let go

    Tell me I'm frozen
    But what can I do?
    Can't tell the reasons
    I did it for you

    When lies turn into truth
    I sacrifice for you
    You say that I am frozen
    But what can I do?

    Everything will slip away
    Shattered pieces will remain
    When memories fade into emptiness
    Only time will tell its tale
    If it all has been in vain

    I can't feel my senses
    I just feel the cold

    But what can I do?

    Tell me I'm frozen
    But what can I do?
    Can't tell the reasons
    I did it for you

    When lies turn into truth
    I sacrifice for you
    You say that I am frozen


    ~Many Prayers for Baby A~

  76. I just watched that video Poly, I did cry. It is so sad!

    BTLS just updated, does anyone see anything about little Aaliyah? I don't, I still see all of the crazy nuts screaming about Connie. When will they ever learn that we support Aaliyah? Never, I guess. And they are so infatuated with me, they keep talking about me. I feel so flattered. It's so funny how they try to hide behind new screen names. Don't they all understand that they have a distinct pattern of writting? *shaking head* (anyone know how that is??? I DO!)

    Now, if all the crazies will just stop posting about Connie, maybe we can figure this whole thing out. Did you see where one poster said that the police report was MADE for CONNIE???? LMFAO!!! That police officer made a judgment to send it to the prosecutor! WTF! How can that crazy poster think that Connie had ANY influence on that?? OMFG! They will twist and twist until it breaks and twist some more for good measure. CRAZIES.....they make me laugh....

    Hope you guys have a great time reading BTLS.....it never dissappoints!!!

  77. Karen, not for nothing, but why do you even care what they say at this point? I dont even concern myself with those who are not out to help the child. The more you react to their insolent bantering, the more they will continue to press your buttons. I wouldnt bother trying to change the minds of those who oppose you, they will think what they want and thats that, I dont even read there anymore after the last time, not worth it.

    Anyway, Im going to email you and talk privately for a few moments,

    Chicana where are you? Is my page boring you or something? lol, i miss you girl, where did everybody go? I need to post some new stuff apparently. Byes for now,

    Still Praying for little Angel Baby A~

  78. Hey Poly

    The kids are back in school and I had to make up hours at work. I have to get in the back to school routine. Plus, they're monitoring our internet usage and work so no more sneaking on for me !!! I'm not bored. I promise. Just busy and tired.

  79. I am a survivor of Child Abuse, I was sexually abused as a child, and was failed, by my mother and DHS/CPS. Has there been anymore updates yet? Has Connie been able to see Baby A yet? At first I was skeptical, until watching and reading all info I could find. This poor precious child.

    I pray for this sweet little girl every day!

  80. Hi Morrenas,
    I am sorry you went through what you did. I have not heard of any updates, Im not sur ewhat happened in court or what is going on. I have been busy with my little kiddies in school so I have not been here in the last few days either. I was hoping someone would let us know something soon, I m praying she is getting to see her mommy. Thanks for coming to our blog and welcome, you are among friends!!!

  81. It is rumored that Connie will be able to see Aaliyah in front of sexual abuse experts here shortly.

  82. Are all of you absolutely sick of all of the Thompson supporters or should we say the Thompson's supporting themselves at BTLS? They are so crazy! I say we all just post over here now! What is the point over there?
    Do you all feel like you're in fifth grade again? It's like "I know you are but what am I" kind of crap!

    It's not hard to see who is telling the truth and who is not. The Thompson's scream she is "Thriving" yet in all of the visitation reports you can see that she is still in diapers and desperately wants her mother back. Those people will get what's coming to them. Poor little Baby A.

    The Thompson's are so stupid to think that she won't and/or doesn't see how sick they are to her.

    You can see how sick they are by their posts. Lie after lie after lie.

  83. Hi PleaseHelp! I hope the rumor you heard is true! The mother and the baby need eachother, it's just not right to have them be apart.

    I, for one, am very tired of BTLS. I havn't been over there in a couple of days. The last day I went there, I was being accused now of making baby A's life a game. Nothing those psychotic people post is true nor is it relevant to what has happened; or for that matter what IS happening now. They scream for this mother's head and cheer that they have not seen eachother. What type of person whould do that? Sick!

    In the past couple of days, I have read so many stories about mothers fighting for their children and end up in jail OR where a mother just stands by and "lets" the abuser hurt or murder her child and then is put in jail for neglect or enabling. The abuser wasn't just abusing the child, the mother has been abused by him too, fearing for both of their lives. It seems that the victims are never "right". If the mother begs for help, she is delusional, if the mother CAN'T help because she is tramatized with fear, she is neglectful and enabling. This is a sick world we live in. And those psychos on BTLS cannot see this. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to help change this. And it saddens me to know that another child right now has been murdered by the one that should have been protecting them.

    Morrenas, I am so sorry for what you have been through. This shouldn't have happened to you, nor to ANY child. I do hope you are doing well and know who very strong and brave you are for speaking out. I commend you!

    Hi Chicana and Poly! I hope you all are doing well, too!

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. That should read "traumatized" and "know how very strong" - my goodness, I should go to bed! Sorry guys!

  86. Karen, there you are! I didnt know where you went, Im glad you are hear, I m going to email you in a minute. Please help Its a sick world where people cannot open their eyes and help a child. LIke Karen says, there are so many cases out there where these kids are being abused and the judge or others turn a blind eye to it, its sickening. I have read numerous cases on the protectiveparents.com website where this is happening and it sickens me! The story where the mom is jailed or killing the ex(for sexually abusing his daughter) gets me everytime, that mom, I forgot her name is still in jail for life, all because she didnt want her daughter to live with the sexual abuser when she caught him doing things to her. I dont agree with killing no matter what, but I must say I do agree with all the moms who had to kidnap their children to protect them, all the moms on the milk cartons cant all be vindictive liers, some, I believe prob at least 80 percent are probably protecting their kids for good reasons. I dont know the stats but I will say If I walked in on my little girl being molested, I would be gone with that child in a heart beat! that is the only way to ensure your child will never be harmed again. Just like that mom who recently came back after kidnapping her children for years, and she escaped prosecution because her kids came out and said what happened, they were older and had a voice finally. The thing is, no one listens to these children until the damage has already been done. Children should have more of a voice NOW when the abuse is occuring!

    I am Still Praying that Baby A is safe and Okay, and gets to see Mommy soon!!!

  87. I also heard trial is coming up here shortly.
    The Thompson's are going to look as insane as they are on the stand in front of this new Judge. Can you imagine how ridiculous they are really going to look though. All of their stories aren't going to match up. "Oh she is thriving, it's an earth worm, it's baby Einstein's worm..."

    Connie's attorney will rip them to shreds like he did to JDT.

    I wonder if you can videotape in a court room? Does anyone know? I guess audio would be just as good. Maybe you all could have a chance to hear the trial?? I know the Bedwell's are inviting the whole town to trial. The courtroom will be packed with people just to let everyone see the lies this family tells to protect a child molester while damaging an innocent baby. Sickening; I think the embarrassment for the Thompson's is well beyond deserved and way past due.

    Imagine being baby A. The feelings she is going to have towards the entire Thompson family when she is out of the abuse. When trauma happens naturally people want to mentally block it out and block out anything and anyone that has to do with the abuse due to it triggering aweful memories. Baby A will probably despise that entire family the rest of her life. How do you forgive such evil done to you and then have it lied about and covered up when you ask the other family members for help? Like her grandmother stating don't tell mommy, but tell me, then leaving her to be molested by her wolf of a father. That's just outright wrong. That poor child probably feels so helpless.

    I pray that the embarrassment, pain, suffering, stress and heartache that they have put on the child, mother, and the rest of Bedwell's is granted to the Thompson's 20 fold. Amen.

  88. There is a trial coming up? good its about time, Its been too long since A has seen her mommy!!! Im still unsure why her lawyer has not filed an exparte..this is what is driving me insane...I did not know that the grandmom on dads side said dont tell mommy tell me, thats really screwed up. I wonder if that was one of the statements that A told her mommy or said in a visitation, I still cant understand how the women who were witnessing the visitation couldnt see what was going on and how they could sleep at night knowing there is a chance this baby could be being abused. Some people I swear...

    Love Hugs and Prayers for Baby A~

  89. Unfortunately pleasehelp poster is mistaken or misinformed. There is no trial coming up. If there was the details would be announced on the SaveAaliyah website.

  90. Please don't stop fighting for babyAB by thinking she is finally getting a trial. Mail your letters and follow the advice on www.SaveAaliyah.com
    thank you

  91. I am not stopping anything! haha, I ve been busy with my own kiddies starting school for th efirst time! Sorry. I have also been wondering if anyone has heard any new news??? I did pm you chicana but not sure if you got back to me yet.

    children1st I wish she was getting a trial, SOMETHING needs to be done about this. I CANNOT believe that child has not seen her mother yet. I doubt it has to do with connie filling th eex parte its probably something we are unnaware of.

    Ok well someone get back to me, the suspense is killing me:-( ...

    Prayers for BAby AB and Mommy too:-)

  92. I was thinking exactly the same thing!

    No news is hopefully good news though...?

  93. Has anyone heard if Connie has seen the baby? I keep checking, and hoping, and praying for this to be happening. She has to be missing her momma so much. I can tell from the visit logs that are posted that they have a great relationship.

  94. When is the next court date, I believe it is later this month.

  95. To Pleasehelp,

    California Family Law cases are not handled like criminal or civil case where the public can attend as far as I know. There have been times when even Connie's family has had to wait outside. They do not allow videotaping or broadcasting of any kind, and most court records will end up being sealed. While we all may be curious, we will have to wait till after to hear what went on.

    I am curious as to how you 'know' the Bedwells are 'inviting the whole town to trial'. Do you have personal contact with them? Also wondering what sort of trial you think this will be? It is not about shaming the Thompsons. It is not a public relations event. It is a very serious matter about what is best for this child.

    From what I have read about custody/family law, it is not so much a 'trial' as it is a hearing. There is some argument on the internet about whether the 730 report has already been adopted by the court (meaning Connie may not be able to contest it). I believe it has been submitted for review, but not necessarily adopted yet. I can't say for sure which is true.

    If I am right, then this hearing is about presenting evidence to dispute what is in the currently submitted 730 exam as it relates to the well being and custody of this little girl.

    It is my understanding that Connie has the right to cross examine the writers and contributors to the 730 exam, as well as to present her own expert witnesses and others as required to contest the already submitted report recommendations.

    Both sides will be able to cross examine the other's experts. Hopefully, Connie will be able to present her family and friends statements too- but so can Dustin. The lawyers will be very busy, and it may get to be a whole lot of he said/she said. It potentially could take quite a long time. Then the judge will decide what is credible and what is 'in the best interest' of this precious baby legally.

    There are links available on the net about these California 730 exams/reports, and about child custody hearings.


    I had heard that the hearing coming up later this month is in relation to the restraining order, and possibly to set a date for the 'trial/hearing' about the 730 exam if Connie's lawyer has formally contested the findings. Pretty sure the visitation issue will come up again too. Does anyone know if this is true?

    Please, keep Connie and her baby in your prayers, and try to visualize them together. This baby wants to see her mother! The lack of visitation is ridiculous and completely reprehensible. What the heck is taking so long?!!

  96. Sorry about the long post Poly! :) I have been away and not really posting anywhere...I guess I have just made up for that LOL!!!

  97. thats okay flamingos, thanks for the explanation of what the courts look for etc. I was not even sure what 'trial' they are speaking of but I am hoping that something comes up soon, she does need to see her baby. I am hoping this attorney knows what he is doing Im just not sure whats taking so long, maybe they are gathering evidence? I trust Connie will make the right decisions!

    Always Praying for Baby A~

  98. Justice probably all the moms are busy with the start of the school year, I know I am, no homework for my two kindergartners yet but everything else is crazy! haha, bedtime is nuts, trying to calm them down to get them to sleep by at least 8:30pm. I have two hyperactive youngsters and one with special needs so my house is chaotic but very loving and understanding:-)

    I hope we see some good news about baby A soon! I would love for connie to be able to hold her again! I saw this little girl at my work the other day who reminded me so much of A, she looked like her talked like her and I almost started to cry in front of people thinking about her! I just took a deep breath and prayed!

    Love to Baby A and her mommy!

  99. I came across the story of baby A only a few weeks ago while I was researching the tragic story of kelsy Briggs. I am like you all - perplexed, frustrated, horrified, and feel like my guts are being ripped out. I think I am so affected by this because unlike Kelsey - though I still cried and cried for her - we have the power to help Aaliyah!!
    I have never blogged before, first time on BNN the other day - I have tried to read as many as time allows in regards to A. Though they are good to vent our feelings, what does a blog really do?? We can talk and talk about this until we feel like vomiting but WHAT CAN WE REALLY DO! Seriously if there is something that I can do, please let me know. Write letters, send emails?
    Some stories are really flogged by the media while others seem to go un-noticed - why does a child have to die before there is a real reaction from the media and public alike?!?
    I think that you guys are doing a great job of keeping abreast of what is happening - I can’t help but cry for Connie and baby Aaliyah. I pray for them all time!

  100. Dooti, the sense of helplessness you feel is shared by us all. I understand, but I feel that If I didnt have children to attend to myself and had the financial resourses, I would personally look into the matter myself. I have been looking into becoming a pi myself and have found the subject of child abuse to be my top priority when it comes to the cases I wish to investigating.

    All the people here will not bash you about your feelings no matter who s 'side' your own. We are all pretty much on the side of Baby A here. Praying does help and Im praying that the truth gets into the hand s of the right people.

    If you check the saveaaliyah website you can send letters to certain officials and sign the petition. Also just blogging about this case can get the news in the hands of the public. You can check out troy in illinois site too, he writes great articles about this! the link is on the saveaaliyah website too:-)


  101. Hi Poly and new supporters!

    I didn't know what "blogging" was before the baby A case. It is a good way to get information around to so many people at the same time, and at first, we blogged to get questions answered. And as you said Dooty, it's a great way to vent. Poly gave you some great advice when she said to write your letters and if there is anyone else you can think of contacting, do so. The so called "investigation" that was done was not done well IMO and it was clearly biased. I don't know why the media hasn't picked this up, I'm not sure if it's because the mother has a gag/restraining order on her and cannot really speak with the media or if it's because baby A hasn't been murdered yet. I have a feeling there will be some good news soon. I can't fathom this lawyer isn't doing his best. Things will happen, they just have to.

    I hope you all are doing well and I will talk to you soon!!! Praying for Baby A and Connie!!!!!

  102. Some one needs to get Connies lawyer and pull his head from his butt!!!! She must be so frustrated and terrified for her baby...
    I have sent several emails, signed the petition and sent the link the saveaaliyah.com.au to every single person in my email list! (probably annoyed a few ppl too..lol)
    Fingers crossed for the next hearing - Sept 24th? I think I read somewhere.....
    I might not post too often but I will definately be checking in to see what has been going on.
    I keep hoping that what we are doing will in some way save a childs life - this keeps me from giving up!
    Keep fighting the good fight! Dont give up!
    Prayers and love for baby Aaliyah.

  103. oops I meant saveaaliyah.com - just a typo!

  104. Dooty, hopefully something is being planned and hopefully Connies lawyer tells her that she has a suit to plan since I believe her civil rights are clearly being violated. Number one the gag order seems to me to be unconstitutional. Number two, the state is failing to protect the well being of her daughter (my oppinion of course), and number three is the pure proof of perjury since several people involved in the custody case lied (documents on saveaaliyah.com site prove it)in the court hearing!!! So now she has some serious suits to look into.

    I dont understand what is taking so long but it better be for a good reason. I could not sit idly aside wow this crap was happening to my children! I dont know what is going on, but still praying. Love you guys for sticking up for baby A~

  105. This is off troyofillinois blog...
    "I have been advised that Jan and Simon Barrett are still working on this case and the court date for the continuance of the restraining order is on September 21st at 11 am. Thank you for your information. And to the person who “thanked me personally”; you are very welcome. Thank you to all who read. Troy"
    Just wanted to get you guys an update as I am always asking you.....

  106. Thanks Doody, I am going to troys blog to check that out! Not sure whats going on with you Karen but I hope you are okay??? I havent heard from you and I havent seen you around posting!!! I pray that you are safe and sound! Ok all thanks again and lots of Prayers and Love for Baby A~

    Im still unsure what is going on with the visitation???? :-(

  107. I am fine Poly, there just isn't any news. And I am pretty much just sitting and waiting like everyone else. Court tomorrow. Let's pray the visitations get settled and that the restraining order is lifted. I wish her lawyer would get off his butt!
    I hope you are ok Poly and Chicana....where have you been?

    I'm sure we will be speaking tomorrow. Court is at 11 am tomorrow, talk to you after that!


  108. Karen, is this just a continuation of the restraining order that is the gag order? or something else? Is custody decided during the hearing? Im a bit confused, Praying for justice non the less.

  109. Praying, praying, praying......

  110. Poly, yes, it's just the continuance from the last hearing. I don't think custody will be decided, but hopefully visitations will be!!!

    Always praying for justice!!!

  111. Can't sleep! Praying, praying, praying....

  112. I just realized that I must seem like a religious zealot! lol I'm not....I just hope so much that Connie and Aaliyah are reunited!!
    I have a daughter about the same age and I can not imagine what they are going through....

  113. No Dooty, you don't sound like that. I think everyone is praying!

    Poly, it seems you angered Porta Potty Patty aka, FlappyCakes, on BTLS. She answered your question about what the court hearing is about today. And again, she is wrong. If any sanctions are filed it will be against Amara for not complying with the judge and letting visitations be reinstated. Also, Cubby is now saying that Connie may be the one sexually abusing Aaliyah. Just what an abuser does, twists things around on another person. I can't wait for this to end so I won't have to read their stupid ass crap anymore. GO GET A LIFE you Imbeciles!!!!

    Sorry Poly, I don't post on BTLS anymore, but when they write such idiotic posts, I can't help but post a response somewhere! LOL. When I hear what happens today, I'll let you know.

    Hope all is well!

  114. I wonder if the post about Connie's lawyer having complaints against him is true. That would explain why the ex parte motion was not filed as it should have been.

    Hopefully visitation issues will be dealt with today, and mother and daughter will be able to finally see each other.

  115. Gosh, waiting for news of what was accomplished in court today is tedious. I am hoping for good news!

  116. I am so dissapointed not to know what happened today. I have not heard anything and Im curious what all this talk is about. Karen, please let me know as soon as you find anything out! Im still praying and hoping that this situation is resolved very soon.

    Dooty and Flamingos hold your head s up, God answers all prayers, Im not a 'holy roller' either, but I do believe in a God that will answer prayers when they are for the right reasons. God please let this baby be okay...

  117. Thanks Poly, I have not lost hope, I am just waiting impatiently for news! LOL

  118. I think I am wearing out my refresh key!!

  119. Flamingo's you are as bad as me!! lol
    I can't stand the waiting!!
    I know that the people "in the know" will let us know as soon as they can...fingers crossed!! I hope our prayers will be answered...

  120. Its 6:54am and Ive been online looking for updates, nothing so far. I have to go to work today and pray that everything is okay. Ill be back later on to check things out, Im thinking that Troy was right, maybe today was completely innocuos and we all have nothing to worry about.

    God Bless Baby A~

  121. I am feeling extrememly sad and disheartend... Please ANYONE??? ANYTHING??

  122. Dooty, the only thing I can think happened is that they postponed the hearing, or something really bad happened. No one is speaking, and I find that very strange.

  123. Maybe the story was "picked" up some major news network for an exclusive?? Maybe.....
    Someone else posted that somewhere I read so I think I will go with that! At least its positive!
    Does the Aurburn Journal follow the story? I mean its at least "news worthy"!
    I sent you a post on BNN - please read.
    I think that you are great! Stay strong!

  124. Let me tell you a story:
    A mother found child porn on her husbands computer. She reported it to the police. She then found semen on their 18mth old daughters clothing. She fled.
    She was forced to return due to the controversial "shared custody" laws. The father remarried.
    The child now almost 3 yrs old complains of a sore vagina and displays sexually explicit behavior that no child would know of and says "Daddy's does this".
    That baby is now six and recently drew a picture of herself laying on a bed while someone she refers to as "Grandpa" stands by and watches as the father rapes her.
    After countless police reports, child protection investigations and interviews - the father still has access visits every second weekend from 9am Saturday mornings till 6pm Sunday nights while this child endures unknown horrors and has for almost four years.
    The mother knows that if she runs again she will custody altogether!
    This is a real story and is happening right now...
    You tell me if THAT is not F#$KED UP!!

  125. First, Chicana....Where the heck are you!!!???

    Ok, second, there is a new article at Troy's and I commented. I hope it helps anyone with questions about Monday and any other questions you may have. You have to keep in mind about the "father" supporters, they are being TOLD to keep the focus off the baby, and they are doing a good job at it. What this baby has said is the truth. Keep fighting for the baby!!!

    Love to all!

  126. Yeah where is Chicana? I miss her. Any new news? Ive been trying to (not to be mean) but not to think about baby A all day because I have my own children keeping me busy at the moment but not a day goes by where Im not saying prayers for her and hoping she is fine. I really want to know what the heck is going on...

    any updates?

    Love to you all!

    ~Praying for Baby A~

  127. Read the Troy of Illonois blog - fanatastic! It has renewed my faith! I feel like it is a step forward! Lets keep the momentum going...keep posting, keep emailing! lets save Baby A....

  128. http://troyofillinois.wordpress.com/

  129. Hi everyone how are you doing today? I have to laugh and point this out to you all. Did you see over on btls where that Believe it person posted to Becky/Patty, Icky, and Shelly? Not a single person addressed WHO Shelly was but StopConArtists comes flying out at everyone "I'm not Shelly, I'm not Shelly, Believe it blah blah blah." Really Shelly? Could you be anymore GUILTY than that? Those posters for the father have flown over the coo coo's nest one too many times. Nobody ever said who Shelly was but thanks for telling us all Shelly! Believe it traps them so good everytime. If there wasn't a suffering baby involved to save, I would spend time over there to help Believe it make them look as ridiculous as they are. Karen you've been around long enough, I thought you might find that funny. =) Karen I heard Connie isn't doing so good have you talked to her today?

  130. Please: StopConArtists is not Shelly, I've known her since BNN. Her name is Butters. I don't know her real name, sorry. I guess it could be Shelly, but from what I can tell; the Shelly Believe It was talking about is Beast's wife. And, as far as I can tell, they have stopped posting on BTLS. I thought it was funny, but only because I wouldn't want to be known as Shelly either, so that's why I assume Butters said what she said.

    I haven't spoken to Connie in a long time. A family member told me that she went back to the doctor yesterday, but I haven't heard anything about that today. If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

    Praying for them both!

    Chicana, if you are still around, please send me a little note. Just thinking about you and hope all is well!

  131. Some days I feel slightly obsessed because I think about Connie and A everyday. I check all the blogs EVERY day when I get home from work, I check them again EVERY night before I go to bed, and then EVERY morning as soon as I climb out of bed! If this is not obsessed then I dont know what is!
    I feel that everything will work out for the best just through my sheer force of will!! I am a very determined person.
    I am one of these people that gets my own way all of the time so Connie will get her baby back because I "will" it to be that way! Oh, just ask my husband if you dont beleive me! lol
    I honestly dont think that I could cope if they are not reunited very soon. I can not imagine how Connie feels - not seeing her precious baby for five months! That is a very long time for a child and mother to be apart! Does anyone know if Connie speaks to her on the phone even? That would tear me apart to hear my daughters voice but not be able to hold her....

    Prayers for them both - always!

  132. Troy has a new blog article up!

  133. Dooty, I admire your determination in waiting for justice, unfortunately for us, all we can do is wait it seems. And pray pray pray. I will tell you this, if it were me there is no way in h- e- double hockey sticks I would sit around and put up with this if I thought my child were being abused, I would probably break the law to protect my child. Vigilante Justice style.

    Prayers for Baby A

  134. I believe she is doing everything she can to keep it together. No one but she knows how she is feeling or what she is thinking of doing or not doing. I couldn't imagine of living her life right now. I couldn't imagine thinking between right and wrong. I do NOT wish this on anyone, not even my worst enemies.

    Dooty, thank you for your posts. I feel exactly like you. Justice is a slow wheel in motion, but like you, I believe it will all be settled, and soon. Keep praying and having faith! This mother IS doing all she can!

  135. Some things I want to post about Dustin but I don't because Connie must think about these things already and does not need to be reminded!
    I may remind everyone that justice is coming but if it was MY daughter then I think that I would be with Poly...vigilante all the way - "an eye for an eye". The lines betwen "right" and "wrong" are already severly blurred and I am sure that this would be a choice that NONE of us would like to make.
    All we can do is be there and support Connie and try to get Aaliyah back with her as soon as we can....
    Love and prayers for them both xx

    P.S Keep reading Troys blog, spread the word and keep the faith!

  136. I hope people learn from this case to not judge people themselves. If Connie could have enough time to speak the whole truth of this case without Dustin trying to silence her. It would move a little quicker. He looks ludicrous with the lies he continues to put out there to discredit her and make her look crazy. Especially when Troy has the material and abilities to prove the lies are definitely lies. The poor baby. Hopefully because if it being on the net the baby is more safe than she was beforehand.

  137. Everybody helping should spread the word through email, facebook, myspace and what not. The more people aware the more likely the baby and mother will get the help they need. Please forward Troy's article to the attorney general link again.

  138. Hi everyone, just a little update:

    Rebecca Bowman (Aaliyah's Attorney) has been the one that is stalling on visitations. She will not allow visitations to resume until Connie can find a facility that has a - GET THIS - metal detector (rolling eyes). ANd as far as anyone knows, there aren't any. So, there is something she can do about it, when that happens and Bowman STILL does not agree to the facility, her lawyer will file the ex parte. It will prove to the judge that she is being vindictive, and not looking out what is best for Aaliyah.

    Hope all is well with you all!

  139. I cannot believe for the life of me how Bowman is getting away with this...how can she keep a mom from seeing her child for such a pathetic reason...I do believe Connie shoudl seek legal representation for a civil suit since many of her civil rights are clearly being violated, number one being the right to protect her baby. I think the lawyer shouldnt have waited to file the ex parte something is still fishy with that!?! Why wouldnt he have filed two months ago, Im sure he knew what the hold up was??? Im so confused.

    Prayers and Blessings~


  140. A civil suit is very expensive - I can see that this would be left while visitation is being sorted as the number one priority. I am still at a complete loss as to why the ex-parte had not already been filed months ago!
    Clearly there are things going on that we do not know about - Its very hard as outsiders to not get frustrated and angry! I can understand that Connie is walking a very fine line between letting us know what is going on and giving Dustin ammo to use against her...she is probably even more frustrated than us! I am absolutely positive that Connie is doing everything that she can to get her baby back!
    All we can do is play the waiting game and send our love and support. If the waiting is hard on us imagine how hard it is Aaliyah and Connie!!
    Love and prayers always xx

  141. I've read that mothers in Connies position are winning their cases in civil court even while their family court cases are upside down. Maybe she can sue Dustin for emotional damages to both her and the child like other mothers are doing and win. Some mothers have taken their civil cases that they've won, won custody back in family court then had the molester busted through those means. A civil suit might be the answer. She could probably sue Placer County as well and not have to pay for the attorney herself upfront.

  142. Flamingo's sorry I didn't reply earlier. I prefer to keep my identity to myself. I'm sure everyone feels the same knowing what those BTLS-ers will do with any of our information. Yes I personally know people involved and that is all I am willing to disclose.

    There is a new article up at TROY'S site about the visitation madness.

    Go Troy! I love the facts! Keep 'em coming!

  143. Go Troy!

    He is obviously spending an immense amount of time researching and gathering facts - it is awesome to see an individual who is helping an innocent baby and her mother so much. I wish that I could "do" more! I will keep blogging, emailing and sending my love and support to Connie and baby A as much as I can...

    Love and prayersxx

  144. http://kidsinperil.blogspot.com/2009/10/aaliyah-bedwell-tragedy-in-progress.html

  145. That is a good article from Kids In Peril, if the author reads here, thank you so much.

    And this shit about body guards??? WTF?????? I swear to God this is insane.

    And Please Help, you shouldn't even have told Flamingos THAT much about you! Don't ever put anything out, especially on Aaliyah's threads!

    Love to all, Praying for Connie and Aaliyah!

  146. Body guards and metal detectors? Really? Is Placer County afraid of an intelligent woman that they have to go to such great lengths to make her look crazy?

    If I were Connie I would show them what crazy really looks like! Show them crazy Connie do it! lol

    Karen, thanks for the advice. Is there anything new going on?

    Poor Baby A, I cried for her today.

  147. Wow! I'm never here when someone else is..cool! Is it Placer County or just Amara and Dustin that are afraid?

    I would tell Connie to show them what crazy really looks like too, but I want her to see Aaliyah again. And if they really want to see what crazy is, all they have to do is read BTLS. BTW, Beast....I don't post on there, I just read to see how nutty you all are!

    You are welcome for the advice, but heed it! Seriously.

    I don't know anything that is going on. I am really quite sick of the ex parte not being filed!!!! I can't even imagine what the baby is feeling!

  148. Knowing Dustin, the scumbucket himself is probably telling her that her mommy doesn't love her or some other sick emotionally damaging lines. Or like in those visitation reports he's probably telling her that her mommy is scary.

    Did you hear of Dustin going out to the bars right down the street from Connie's home right after she didn't go to court?

    He truly is obsessed with her and hearing that scares me for her life.

    I bet that all of those posts on btls about her not showing up to court was because he was upset he didn't get to see her.

    Connie should give Troy the tape of Dustin threatening suicide for everyone to hear it's contents. Don't you think Karen?

  149. To answer your question Karen, they all have reason to not want Connie to see Aaliyah again. Aaliyah will tell her mother what her yucky daddy does and they all know that. If the truth comes out, the woman they have harassed and called crazy is shown right. They will all look like the ignorant people Connie has named them to be. Then Dustin will be where he should be and everyone will look as dumb, evil, corrupt as Connie says they are. They all are in butt-pucker mode where they are too prideful to admit they backed a child molester this whole time and messed a child and mother's life up along side an abuser.

    The crazy woman can't be right or what would that make all of them?

    Nucking Futs!

  150. Some IDIOT called "stopscammers" is posting on the Kidsinperil blog and trying to turn it into another BTLS!!! I CAN NOT WAIT till those morons on BTLS are ALL proven wrong!!!
    Get a life you F..kwit!
    Sorry - bit angry! lol

    My daughter turned 3 yesterday and as happy as I was that we spent it together as a family, Aaliyah was never far from my thoughts! I even had a secret little cry in the bathroom - I pray that Aaliyah is home for Christmas - I can not imagine how devestated Connie would be if she wasn't!

    Love and prayers to you all for fighting to keep Baby A safe! xx

  151. Please Help, It's so futile. Connie is stuck. If that stupid restraining order was not in place, I doubt any of this would have happened. I really don't know what to think of the tape and people hearing it. It will just be twisted in to what the nuts want other's to think. But maybe she should give it to Troy. I wonder how that would work?

    Dooty, happy birthday to your little one! My youngest will be 3 soon too. I'm sorry you cried on what was to be a very happy day for you and your little one. I hope and pray that Aaliyah is safe right now. Think positively.

    That "stopspammers" has got to be "stopconartists" and "butters". Don't worry. There are people that believe what Aaliyah said for 27 minutes about her "daddy". There are only two people going around screaming it's a scam. If this was a scam, I will ask again, WHY ISN'T CONNIE IN JAIL? Seriously, don't worry about them. And I read the comments, trying to make them think logically is something that will never happen. They spout all the same crap OVER AND OVER again. I find it funny though that they won't go to Troy's or come here to spout their crap. They are worthless. My advice is to just let them say what they want, and don't respond. That's what they want. They did it to me for months, and now I am considered to be just as "crazy" as Connie. They are seriously nuts......save your health, they will only make your BP go up. YOU know the truth.....

    Ugh, it's a never ending circle with those "circle jerks"!

    Have a good day everyone!

  152. I guess Troy's blog has gotten Dustin angry. He is trying to have Connie put in jail for violating the restraining order. The DA called her and said that Dustin doesn't want to press charges yet, they are looking at everything on the net and trying to blame Connie. So ridiculous!

  153. Nothing in particular gets Dustin angry. He gets himself angry, didn't you read his own handwriting confessions? He is mad at himself and the truth.

    His sick little game of hurting his child to hurt Connie isn't working for him. Connie isn't running back to him. He's hoping she will go beg him to get back together.

    That's what abusers do, try to make your life a living hell without them in hopes the victim will come back to their living hell with them. Misery loves company.

    "Circle Jerking" is the name of Dustin's game and his worm followers on btls.

    Here's a reinactment of btls classic circle jerk-age:

    Subject: 1+2=3

    Baby supporters: Simple math to me.

    Crazy btlsers father supporters: The one could be an L.

    Baby supporters: nope looks like the number one.

    Crazy btlsers father supporters: Then maybe the 3 is an 8

    Baby supporters: 1+2 doesn't equal 8.

    Crazy btlsers father supporters: but what if the 1 is an L.

    Baby supporters: We already discussed this, it is a number 1 and an L is an L and a 1 is a 1.

    Crazy btlsers father supporters: Connie's the best damn scam artist in the world for making 1+2=3.

    Baby supporters: You can't make 1+2=3, it is what it is, simple mathematics. Why can't you see that?

    Btlsers father supporters: Why can't you see that I can twist the truth all day long until you feel as Nucking Futs as I am? This thing called reality, I don't opperate in it. I work for my boss named satan, he tells me to attempt to deceive people away from helping a child that is having her soul slaughtered by her father who also works for satan. Don't you want to follow us? Everyone else is? L+2=8, I know that's not what it says up top, but i will say that's what it says just as I pretend that I didn't hear the baby say her daddy sticks his worm in her mouth and has to wipe it with like a napkin.

    Baby Supporters: What I'm confused now? I don't know what to believe.

    Crazy btlsers father supporters: That's what I do best. My boss taught me how to confuse the truth and reality. The people that aren't grounded in the truth will get confused. It's satan's greatest tool, compromise the truth and confuse it until people can't see it. It's fun for now to have zero morals or boundaries. You will just lose your eternal life, that thing honest God promises you when you hold fast to the truth. Don't you want to burn in hell with me?

    Baby supporters: Whoah I'm not confused anymore Troy is here to remind me that 1+2=3. You're certifiably insane.

    Crazy btlsers father supporters: Quit calling me names *&*&&* you ***&&*!!!!

    Baby supporters: I'm just stating truth.

    Crazy btlsers: I talk about things I am not there for as fact although God tells people not to do that. That is why I call Connie a liar but PC wants her quiet so I haven't had an opertunity to hear one lie from her. Want to keep talking in circles though until you are too tired to fight for the truth against me? Just sell your soul 1+2 doesn't equal 3. Your the insane one B**ch.

    Baby supporters: Time to blog on a new forum.

    That's Satan hard at work for you. He just wants to drive you nuts until you blow your brains out.

    1+2=3 and the truth is the truth is the truth. Daddy's worm is the truth. Don't sell your soul with the rest of them.

  154. Savebabyab quote: " will delete posters who gang up on people or who use vulgar language. Please be mature. I also will not ban you from posting just because you disagree with my theory, everyone is entitled to RESPECTFULLY disagree on topics or theories."

    Weird post pleasehelp.

  155. We need new ideas how we can help babya not weird stuff.

  156. Children1st Sorry that you don't understand my post. Maybe read it again?

    Why you would quote what you did is weird.

    There isn't name calling or vulgar language in it.

    I have a right to my own opinion, sorry you don't like it, understand it, or think it's weird.

    I was talking to Karen. What you are posting has nothing to do with anything and it appears to me you are being hypocritical.
    I know every person in the Thompson and Bedwell families. I happen to know baby A better than yourself does. If you don't understand my post or like it what's it you anyway? Anyone arguing from day one of the case with father supporters or personally know Dustin, will understand that post.

    Dustin is molesting his child, I know that as fact, that is why I don't have a problem putting that into writing. I have the right just like you to post my opinion. If you want to bicker like children, let's go over to btls.

    I disagree with multiple people's posts. I've been there for the reality of this case and I'm not jumping down their throats. Please stay off mine.

    I'm sorry you disagree with what I have to say. I'll be polite enough to keep my opinion of you to myself.

  157. I wasn't bickering. I found your post weird and vulgar & find no reason for it & I'm here to help baby a because I believe shes molested. How can you have an opinion of me without knowing what I've done to help? If you want to push me and others away you've achieved it. I won't be back bye

  158. That one line should read what's it to you anyway? I don't see you throwing out ideas to help... Children1st. I do a major part in helping this case. I don't need to post about it to make myself feel good. Read Saveaaliyah.com it gives a number of ways to help.

    Here's a way to help: keep trying to get the media involved. The mother doesn't want to deal with Placer County without a spotlight on them, it's the only way the truth will come out. Placer County wants to bury their mistakes along with the truth, along with the mother for telling it.

  159. I have one final thing to say. Your post reminded me of bubbasponge boards craziness and I won't be party to imatture behavior. I was here to help and I come back to get new ideas because I did everything at saveaaliya site and everything I could think of on my own. I won't be back because people want to behave like imatture children instead of helping one bye

  160. I can have an opinion of you the same way you can have opinion of me. I never said I was basing my opinion of you on what you have done to help. If you don't like what I just posted and you get offended that easily maybe you should go back and read your out of the blue post to me and see if you would like it? I would bet not. Take care.

    And yes the baby is being molested by her manipulative father. My post in case you didn't understand it was a reinactment of their manipulation. If you still don't understand it take a trip to btls and chit chat with the father supporters. They will roll you up in an emotional ball.

    Have a good day.

  161. You know it's ok for to people to agree to disagree. Why you feel a need to leave because of a post that was talking to Karen beats the heck out of me. I think in our conversation back and forth you are the one acting emotionally immature threating us that you are leaving over a post that was not to you. I find your reaction odd. If one opinion can back you away from helping an innocent pure child from being molested. It says a lot about your character. Tell baby A that if you get a chance someday. I hope you can see my points and not take them offensively. I'm not a fake person and I'm not going to brown nose you. I don't know who you are and that wouldn't make a difference one way or another of my points I'm trying to make.

    I find you selfish in the sense that you don't know who I am or what I've been through. I've earned the right to speak my mind. I'm sorry if you are just emotional at times because it's understandable. I've thrown up, cried, brokedown, contemplated going to jail for the babies safety and so on. It's a hard situation to deal with. I would just hope you could put yourself in my shoes then let me pick apart your posts.

    I would hope you continue to fight for the baby if that is truly what you are here for.

  162. This comment has been removed by the author.

  163. Thank you flamingos. I am lacking sleep from the stress of this case. I was in no way trying to make this btls trust me I hate btls. I was just trying to reinact the overall point of the tone and circle jerking that goes on over there. Why everyone cares so much about it being on the net is weird to me. I could imagine that Connie being her mother could contact any site and ask them to remove it before the child ever has to read it. Not only that but think about it... How much worse can reading it be than enduring the abuse. I think it's wrong that people think it's more wrong of it being on the net to get help to save her life than her having to read it one day IF she is even alive later to read it. I hope people can follow that thought process also. If it wasn't on the net who knows if she would be alive right now. The mother threw it on the net because she knew by the games the child was playing burying and killing her toys again hiding mommy and babies to be safe that the father was threatening to murder them again. It being on the net and exposing him is the most intelligent thing the mother could have done short of shooting the molester himself in order to protect her daughter's life. I think the molester is trying to behave himself more than usual simply because he constantly has to put on his parade of a show that he is some great father and not the child molester his daughter alleges him to be. She is alive today because it's on the net. I'm sure one day the child will understand that the reason she is still alive is because her mother loved her enough to tell the world their embarrassing life of abuse to stay alive. I'm sure the baby will understand that more than anyone else in this world and will know her mommy loved her more than her own life. I'm sure she will learn from her mommy to not be ashamed of the abuse that she can't control that is inflicted upon her. It's her dads shame to carry not hers. I wish people could understand that it's not her shame and never will be. Her mommy and her can leave that shame where it rightfully belongs; with her daddy. When Aaliyah is safe I know her mother will do everything in her power to make her life be normal after she is safe. And I pray that day comes for the both of them before little baby A's life is taken from her controlling father. Thanks for the prayers I know the family appreciates them and all the time and effort people put in to help save Aaliyah.

  164. Pleasehelp stands for pleasehelp@saveaaliyah.com. Thanks I understand what please help means more than anyone else (besides Aaliyah and Connie) is capable of understanding those two words in this life. Thanks to everyone. I hope we all can focus on Aaliyah and move past unimportant minor details. People might be surprised at who they are talking to. I hope people can find it in their hearts to not judge other people because you don't know what they have been through. I encourage you all to pray for Dustin also because who truly knows the abuse he had to endure from his parents that made him this way in the first place. Someone taught him that molesting baby's is normal. May God protect Aaliyah, strengthen Connie and Aaliyah through the fight for safety, and may god heal Dustin or put him out of his misery so he can't ruin his daughters life like his own parents have ruined his. Only God will judge everyone involved so why don't we leave that to him.

  165. One more thing, the system is broken. If you read momsforjustice those two women endured what Connie is enduring fighting for the life of a child with a broken system. I've had the pleasure of speaking to those women and the most important thing people can continue to do right now is pray and get the media spotlight on this case. The women explained how when they began exposing the corrupt Police, CPS and court system protecting the molester that the police threatened to kill the women for exposing them along with the child molester. The police hung dead animals in their yards as threats to them for exposing the corruption. Like Karenccc said the DA is trying to throw Connie in jail to silence her. There is a distinct path both of these cases have taken and their almost identical. Dr Phil blew their case wide open. Connie and Aaliyah need the same type of exposure. You can most certainly guarentee this case will not be solved within it's own county. The media is going to be the key to put everyone involved on the spot and hold each person accountable for their own faults and lies. Thank you all. Have a good day.

  166. Please! "please help" and "children first" - bickering amongst ourselves will not help baby A!
    When I first read that post by "please help" my initial reaction was "weird" too. I did not post my reaction immediately because I wanted to think about the post and why it was posted. I think too many time we post comments in a reactive way and they then snowball out of control.
    After I thought about the post I realized that "pleasehelp" is feeling like we all are - frustrated, angry, horrified, torn apart. The post was her way of expressing that! The following post were a further explanation of that.
    "Childrenfirst" - do not stop helping an innocent child because of a slight difference of opinion.

    Prayers and love for Connie and baby A always xx

  167. Major mainstream media exposure is certainly the "catch cry" of us all!
    Love and prayers always xx

  168. Thanks Dooty! Sorry that my post caused an uproar. Try not sleeping for two days and trying to get your point across. It's a challenge without people popping their tops. Imagine being the mother,Aunt or close relative of Aaliyah having to hear those words from the little baby having her innocence stolen from her own dad then having to fight the entire system and twisted fathers lies that never end all after he's beat the crap out of Aaliyah's mother and then convinced everyone she is the nutcase for speaking the truth. It's frustrating beyond what words can describe. I know Connie has contemplated going to jail to save her child but knows that isn't the best route. Then Aali will have a child molester of a father and a murderer for a mother then the same messed up people that raised Dustin would raise Aali the same as they raised Dustin. I hope you can imagine our pain and frustrations, lack of sleep from wondering if Aali will even be alive the next hour of everyday, then having to fight an army of brainwashed people behind the child molester because he is smarter than they are, then having to fight a bunch of liars that talk about things they know nothing about; it gets overwhelming at times. Some people fly off the handle so quick; imagine being us. It's our own flesh and blood being tortured helpless because of her age and the ignorance and corruption of a system enabling it . Things are hard. Some of you haven't had to experience half of the things we have experienced and this long fight's not near being over. Just attempt to imagine to put yourselves in our shoes. Then attempt to imagine to put yourself in helpless Aaliyah's shoes.

  169. Ok everyone, it seems we all are on edge. I can't believe that there was an argument on this board. Children1st, I'm at a loss as to why you thought her post was vulgar. Strange? Yes, but I think for the most part, when someone on BTLS says something to one of the baby supporters, they post a respons here or at Troy's. Not one of the baby supporters want to be affiliated with that site any longer. I think that may be what Please Help was doing???? I am on a different board for a different baby and this one woman drives everyone crazy, so what I do is not read her posts. I just skip right over them. Then I don't have to be upset by what she has to say. I would hope you could do that here, not everyone will always have the same way of posting or agreement on how to post or what to or what not to post....that's the way of life. If you truly care for the child, you will be back. You are most certainly allowed to post your opinions. I'm not sure what happened today, I find that really weird.

    Please help, your post did sound like the stuff on BTLS, none of us want any of the positive boards to end up like that site. I understood exactly what you were saying though, and I think Flamingos said you didn't know what the meaning of "circle jerks" means. Maybe I don't either, but I used that over at Troy's and I didn't get bombarded???? Who knows? We need to keep the peace, ONLY for the baby. When she is safe, then we can all either go our seperate ways or remain friends. What's really important is Aaliyah.

    I thank everyone that reads here and posts here and is doing everything they can to help. Even if you are just praying for Aaliyah, it's enough. I don't think that any "ONE" person is doing more other than Connie and her lawyer. Let's just all get along, please.

    Children1st, I hope you do come back.

  170. Those reasons that you listed are the very reasons why I have sent emails, blogged and fought for Aaliyah!
    I have always stated that I CAN NOT imagine how Connie is coping...I can only imagine how I would be feeling if it were MY child. I have shed many tears for you all, had many sleepless nights and had terrible nightmares. Even those experiences can not compare to the pain that you all must feel..like you said every minute of every day!
    I get very, very angry when I read that people do not believe what is happening! I have never joined in those discussions because I know how futile my words would be falling on deaf (dumb, heartless, self serving, moronic etc) ears.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all everyday! xx

  171. If "circle jerking" was offensive we all must have different opinions of the definition. I and anyone I know that uses circle jerking uses it as a phrase to describe how people will talk in circles generally because one person usually is only arguing for the sake of arguing, manipulates the truth, distorts reality, has too much pride to admit they are wrong, and therefore no matter what you say to them even if it makes as much sense as 1+2=3 they will distort it so you end up talking in circles for hours. It's a waste of one's breath. What do you use circle jerking for? Is there some other meaning any of you use?

    I personally believe and it's my own opinion that everyone is over reacting. I also believe it's ok for two people to debate and disagree in a healthy manner. We are human we are all different with our own minds and our own freewill of choice too. If we all agreed we'd have nothing to discuss besides constantly repeating 'get the media involved.'

  172. I'm confused what the big deal was? I was mimicing btls, that was the whole point of it sounding like btls??? Guess I'll be sure to never mimic btls again... Way too confusing of an issue! Lol

    Miss you and love you Aaliyah. We are all fighting for you and your mommy is still fighting for you. Xoxoxo

  173. This comment has been removed by the author.

  174. I understand how upset you are please help, I know how emotional this case can make us all. Please children first do not leave I dont think you should leave because one post may have offended you, please help is just using verbal catharsis to get our her/his frustrations about this case. Please never give up on Baby A!!!

    Im sorry to all of you that I have not been online or posting in awhile, Ive been busy with my little ones in school and with my own car issues. I was hoping to come on here and find some good news that the ex parte would have been filled already or maybe that C had gotten a new lawyer and was going to start up a civil suit, I do believe that some attorneys would take her case pro bono or wait until she won to collect their fees. I know I had that opportunity once but unfortunately I realized AFTER my statute of limitations ran out.

    Ok well Im sorry to everyone that their is not better news, Ive been saying prayers everyday and hoping that this baby is safe.

    Something has to happen, this is getting rediculous.


  175. Oh yeah, If the DA is reading here please answer me this question:




  176. Why does my account keep canceling for blogs but I came to say imatturity prevails over everyone calling others names and swearing and attacking and hurting and putting real names or addresses and not one soul acts as if abused children matter and no gracious person is heading the lead for abused Aaliya and I cannot be a particapant to imatturity of this magnatude and I did all humanely possible for Aaliya and every morning I said a prayer and took my coffee to the computer to think of new ways to help Aaliya and seeing attack after attack it dawned on me Aaliya has no leader hero at the plate but she has a family filled with hate so large they don't see her pain but every day I wrote letters and made calls and when my coffee pot was empty I went through my day knowing I did what I can and when hate prevails so deep in ones hearts its time for me to let go and let God and I pray for all souls here I pray for Aaliya most.

  177. Poly, you are so right...how do they sleep? And you don' have to apologize for being busy, ever. Glad to see you!

    Children1st, I agree with everything you said; and I am the first to admit that my name calling (when I do it) doesn't/hasn't help/helped at all. I have a line, and when it is crossed; it is hard for me to hold my tongue. The only people I mean to offend are the ones spreading my name all over the web with my personal information. I have never meant to offend anyone else.

    Regarding the "hate" that this family has towards Dustin? They do not hate him. They hate what he is doing. I ask, would you? I know the answer to that....it's not hate they have for Dustin. They pray for him. They have disdain for the county for calling Connie delusional and not listening to Aaliyah. I can't blame them, and words have been said that shouldn't have been. But....after three years; I give them credit for holding their tongues as they do.

    You don't have any idea how much this family appreicates what everyone is doing, especially the praying. I really cannot wait until Connie can speak for herself.

    Bedwell Family, love and prayers to you all. Aaliyah, I hope you are being taken care of properly, sweetheart. Your mommy misses you much!

  178. I can't sleep as usual so I'm brainstorming. I talked to Connie about this. She really has been so busy with the fight. I'm sure you all have experienced to a minor degree what Connie must feel at times. One's brain can only handle so much stress, pressure, threats, abuse, abuse of your own baby, lies, etc. Connie hasn't been doing good lately. Not seeing Aaliyah is really taking a toll on her. I hate to put that in writing for Dustin to read because he would enjoy hearing that. But it's reality and truth. We brainstormed ideas specifically for you people that want to help can. Connie thinks it would be beneficial and time saving for her if you all could start researching as many media contacts and their addresses together and begin posting them here ( and to the stupid DA no Connie didn't give me consent to tell people to post although you should attempt throwing her in jail she could sue the crap out of you people even more for what you've done) Ok back on track- It would save Connie more time to make the massive amounts of copies of daddys worm and other videos and documents to put together packets to send to the media. If any of you have time it would be helpful to have a list of addresses to ship these packets out. We would appreciate that. Send them to saveaaliyah please. That way we can get some of these outrageous videotapes to the media in their full original copies. She wants to send out a number of videos along with daddys worm. There is a video of Aaliyah's nightmares that will rip your heart out of your chest. You think watching her go to him is bad try watching her scream for hours crying because of what her daddy has done. Connie wants to get videos of the nightmares, daddys worm, exchanges, Aaliyah explaining that her dad kicked her in the back, etc all sent out in these packets. It will be time consuming to make as many copies as she is going to need- each copy burns for the length the video is. Anything you all can do online to save Connie time would be great. She's overwhelmingly busy. It's important that everyone helping understands the goal is to get this out of Placer County's hands, they're hands are dirty. You can see the constant uphill never ending mountain Connie has to climb with these corrupt people. They cover and cover and cover what they have done. Let's get this out of their control. Let's focus on teamwork for Aaliyah with everyone willing to get to the truth of Placer County we can do it together.

    We desperately need to get it all out there and fast. Placer County DA needs a spotlight on their crookedness. Another thing people can do is help brainstorm ideas for fundraising. The trial alone to prove he is molesting her is easily going to cost 10,000 dollars. We are open to ideas, moral, legal ideas :).

    I'll make sure saveaaliyah has a new page dedicated to updates and ways you can personally help from your own home.

    Connie met another woman with a similar PC case that has had her 4 children removed from her. The momentum and strength in numbers can help show what PC is. Let's keep the momentum growing.

    This might sound weird but it is helpful to Connie to hear positive pep talks And constant encouragement to keep up this exhausting fight. It might feel repetitive to you but certain words spoken at the right time can do wonders. I know it's just nice for her to hear those things from the caring people to counteract all of the abuse, lies, and slander she has to cope with too.

    Until there is an update board I can say that there are a couple of good things happening behind the scenes. I can't tell you what they are but just keep your faith with us.

  179. Hey Ya'll! I'm new to here. I was just posting on Peril's blog. Those people make me so mad. I just wanted Connie and baby A to know that my friends and I believe them and will fight right along with ya'll. I'm just sick of this mother being damned for trying to be a voice for her baby. I am so angry!

  180. Please Help, thanks so much for that awesome post! Its good to know that some good things will be happening, its so hard to keep up a fight where we dont even know if we are making any headway. I think its a good idea to get the videos to the right media stations, I tried emailing dr. Phil and Oprah and never heard back from them. I will look into other media sources though. I do believe getting the news out of the county would be a much more productive idea.

    Send this message to Connie from all of us:

    Connie, we know how hard this must be on you but you have to hang in there for BAby A's sake and for your own health. You are no good to her if you are not completely physically and mentally healthy, so get out the boxing gloves, put on the rocky music (time to fly now) and get moving!!! Baby A needs you! We are all Praying and asking God everyday to help you and know in your heart he will answer your prayers!!! He loves you!

    We do too:-)


  181. Thank you Jeanette and welcome. If you are going to blog be prepared to be called "delusional." : ). If telling the truth makes us all 'delusional' then I love every minute of standing beside Connie and Aaliyah. We will all see who's really the crazy ones in the end when the truth prevails.

    I hope you stay Children 1st. I'm sorry for our misunderstandings and hope you continue to fight for what is right for Aali's sake.

    I want you all to know Connie personally thanks each and everyone of you helping and fighting for the truth with her. The Bedwell's appreciate everyones help.

  182. Thank you Poly. She will be made aware of your post! Nancy Grace, Bill Oreily, Dr Phil, Oprah, the more serious people that are determined to dig for the truth and chew people up that are in denial is the type Connie wants on her side. She loves how Nancy Grace tells it how it is. If we could get that type of publicity it is definitely the type we are looking for. We have had offers from the Steve Wilkos show and Connie is going to be calling them again. She has spoke with the producer once already. There are other projects in the works that I can not speak of. We will be able to tell the public after they have occurred. Some of it is exciting. So trust me all of your work does pay off. The more people that know the more likely it will land in the right helping hands. Constantly spreading the website is always helping. It brings in a lot of great advice, encouragement, and experienced people that have been through what Connie and Aali are going through. Please keep up the good work every ounce of it makes a lot of the difference. If we come together for what's right the truth will come out soon. We are also looking into ways to advertise for help to spread the website more quick. The progress we've made so far is simply by it spreading by word of mouth, the net, and a few radio shows. If you have ideas for that also we are open to hear about it. No idea is a dumb idea.

    I will try to keep you updated and feed any ideas that I think you all can help us with. I hope you understand there are things that we can't speak of because of a trial and because the 'other side' doesn't need to be aware of it until it happens. Thank you all.

  183. It looks like Troy posted a few new articles sometime today.

  184. Hi Peoples. Im hoping that Connies lawyer would finally try to get visitation regardless if they are putting restrictions on the center. At least if he files and shows the effort it could NOT hurt. Any judge in the world would see what is going on in this case if the reason they cannot use a visitation facility is due to metal detectors and such, that is rediculous. I just find it really frustrating that this is why a mother cannot see her daughter!!!

    Again, does anyone know if Dustin works and if Aaliyah is in an actual preschool or daycare??? thanks,

  185. Poly,

    Dustin works for the county, whether he is working currently or not we do not know that. The county has laid off a lot of workers because California has gone broke.

    100 percent, no Aaliyah has never been in daycare.

    Dustin's mother doesn't work. She's not allowed out of the house because she is married to an abuser. The grandmother, Dina watches Aaliyah often. She is the one whom Aaliyah told us that had said for Aaliyah to tell her of daddy hurting her and not to tell her mommy. The grandmother is part of the cover up of the abuse, but that's what abused women do because of Stockholm syndrome. For example, when Connie was abused by Dustin there were a number of neighbors complaining to management (4 complaints I believe) and asking her if he was beating her. She never answered them. They were conscerned because they knew she was pregnant too. They probably heard him slam her up against the laundry room door when he broke it off the hinges when she was pregnant. Abused women and children cover for their abuser for fear of their own lives. Read up on stolkholm syndrome their is a link on saveaaliyah.

    The Thompson's aren't going to put Aaliyah anywhere where they will get caught. Daycare providers are mandated reporters. That's a place they will stay far away from. In the 730 Dustin claimed he was going to put her in daycare/peschool as one of his manipulation tactics on the psychologist. He still has not done so, nor does he ever intent to do so. Also he claims in the 730 that his last name is on Aaliyah's birth certificate, but you can read the Auburn Journal who has a copy of the birth cert. that says it isn't so. Just watch, Dustin's lies will begin to unfold all over the place when all the information is put out there.

    It was "risky" to him to do the 730 evaluation too as he stated on btls. You will all see why it was so risky soon.

    Only a guilty person would consider it "risky" otherwise what's the risk? It wasn't risky for Connie.

    Most abused people tend to look the happiest. They have to put on a show or get beat for it later in private, but Dustin knows Aaliyah still has spoken even through his threats, so he wouldn't dare put her in daycare facility. That baby is more intelligent than he is, so he wants to keep her silent. Aaliyah can process thoughts that normal children her age can't. She has explained how daddy's worm does what to her then explains how he took her to the store to show her worms and babies because daddy wants a baby with her. She thoroughly has been capable at age 2 1/2 to explain what he does. I can only imagine what she can tell us now at 3 1/2. That would be why the Thompson's want to sever Connie and Aaliyah's relationship. They know and we know as soon as Connie has the oppertunity to take Aaliyah to the Dr they are all toast in a heartbeat. They don't want her to talk to her mom and have her behaviors and statements documented by a 3rd party in visitation either. They know it is only a matter of time before they all are exposed for what they are and Aaliyah is only getting older. They are on the major cover up path right now, but it won't last too much longer.
    It also would be why child molester's threaten death and or follow through with murder to keep the child silent. (But Dustin, you will end up in the same place for what you are currently doing and if you follow through with your threats to Aaliyah and/or Connie.)

    I'm more than happy to answer people's questions that I am able to talk about.

    Thanks Poly for all that you do for Aaliyah and Connie.

  186. Do you think that Dina would shield Aaliyah from Dustin to protect her? Dina would know about the abuse - I pray that she would would not stand idly by and let it happen...

    Prayers for Connie, her family and most of all Aaliyahxx

  187. Dina does stand by and watch it happen. Aaliyah has come home explaining this utterly sick scenario of her grandfather hitting her in the head and her grandma just watching and not helping her. Aaliyah was distraught crying to us because she thought her grandma didn't love her anymore because she didn't help her. Aaliyah described her cousin crying for her who is Aaliyah's same age and then called her Grandma by her name, Dina, and said Dina was crying too and apologized to her afterward. She kept saying Dina says I'm sorry and cries. She would imitate conversations between them like he would be yelling at Dina, which is probably why she knew to even call her by that name, telling her to stop crying. All abusers, and I've seen plenty, make their victims think it is wrong to cry. They try to control your emotions even.

    Aaliyah has never described her grandmother abusing her but has described her watching it, not helping her and telling her not to tell her mommy but to tell her about what they do to her.

    After CPS was called each time Dina would play the protector only for short periods of time. Aaliyah would come home and explain that she stayed with grandma a lot of the time during the visit if CPS was involved at the time.

    It's all a sick cover up with these people. If you saw them you would see how overly the top fake they are. Connie calls it 'the leave it to beaver show' they put on. Anyone that pretends to be that perfect is hiding something.

    From the things Aaliyah has explained I feel Dina is just as guilty for covering it up, watching it happen, lying about it, telling her not to tell her own mother about it, etc,. It is aiding and abetting a number of felonies. If Connie didn't report the things Aaliyah was saying Connie could have been in trouble for failure to protect, the same law abides for Dina. She is going down with her husband and son for what she is doing.

    How she won't protect her own grandbaby from these monsters blows my mind. I know what finally unbrainwashed Connie from the abuse was that she wasn't going to let Dustin harm her child. She had to protect a baby. Which is why she jumped on an airplane to Alaska all by herself with newborn Aaliyah and two suitcases. Why Dina doesn't feel the need to protect her grandbaby makes me believe that John David has severely beaten her to a point she is that afraid of him. The longer a victim is captive to their abuser the more brainwashed they are into believing they can't make it on their own without their abuser. Maybe she feels she will be murdered for turning them in. Maybe she fears they will do the same to her as they are doing to Connie. She will own absolutely nothing like most abused women because their abusers control all the money, the car, the house, their friendships, regulate their phone calls, if they are allowed to work or not, etc. Maybe she feels she will have nothing if she sells them out, like Connie had to do with two suitcases. They might be threatening her life too if she doesn't comply with their lies. A lot of abusers brainwash or make their victims participate in crimes with them, it's very common.

    Dina suffers from anxiety which almost all abused women suffer from, she was shaking and nervous on the stand in February when the restraining order was filed... guess what... claiming Aaliyah was thriving at their house. Yet all at the same time calling Connie an abuser... if Connie was the abuser Aaliyah wouldn't have been thriving at their house. Go figure she is still 'thriving' according to Thompson's. You can see how much she is 'thriving' in the exchange video going to him or in the MFT's report screaming to not go to her dad's.

    You won't be able to stand watching her cry in these videos of her nightmares. They are so sad you won't make it through them. I can't make it through them. That is why the Thompson's are drugging her, because she won't sleep through the night because of their abuse.

    Thanks for your prayers Dooty we appreciate them so much.

  188. I hope Dina reads this blog and knows that she is LETTING IT HAPPEN!!!
    Highly unlikely that she does read though - abusers suck the will out of you, beat you down, rob you of your self esteem, make you think that you are nothing without them...Exactly how you have described. She would not have the strength of will to protect her baby granddaughter. She is as pathetic as them, no! she is worse than them because she has the power to stop it!

    The thought that she would have protected Aaliyah has been a small ray of hope for me -just a sliver...

    Do you know if the nightmare video is going to be posted? I am not going to watch it as I have enough trouble sleeping as it is - but it will certainly make people sit up and take notice. Oh they will probably say that Connie "whispered in her ear" to upset her. Pathetic!

    You are a very passionate individual "pleasehelp"... A little temperance can go a long way...

    Love and prayers for you all alwaysxx

  189. No that video is not going to be posted. That video will be used in Trial though. It's truly awful to watch a baby scream that hard for almost 40 minutes to an hour straight at times from her nightmares. I can't make it through them, I had a hard time watching them while we were making copies. Just imagine her screaming in the exchange video about 7X harder than that for 40 minutes straight, losing it like she is having convulsions because she doesn't want to be touched. You can't calm her down or soothe in her nightmares because she didn't want to be touched from his abuse. We would have to turn the light on and let her come out of the nightmare so she would realize she was at home and not at her dad's house. We would have to take her in the livingroom because she was afraid of beds and let her have the episode until it was over. Then eventually she would want her mommy to rock her. We never got sleep because we were always up with her taking care of her. It was a 24 hour job with no break. Sometimes she would wake up 6 times in one night. The Thompson's don't care about her or they wouldn't do what they are doing to her. They are good at putting on their 'leave it to beaver show' in front of people, but that's what all abusers are, charming and fake to the outside world and monsters behind closed doors.

    I don't know if you've ever seen what post traumatic stress looks like, but when she was out of the abuse over at our house, she has episodes. Her nightmares were similar to her episodes. By episodes I mean she was full blown screaming and acting out things they have done to her. Abused people almost always have PTS. It fits the cycle of the abusers abuse patterns. Yet the Thompson's claim she is "thriving." She is not thriving, they are drugging her and threatening the living daylights out of her to the point she is walking on eggshells with them. Aaliayh has told us that they give her coffee too, I would assume to counter balance the drugs at night.

    The whole "whispered in the ear" bs claim is straight out of Dustin's mouth. It's part of his "coaching" claims like all child molesters claim.

    Thank you for the compliment Dooty, I can tell you have a very big heart yourself. Thanks for all you do.

    When Connie has a chance to tell of all of this herself people will be in shock. It's been one repulsive hard road we have all been down and I can't even imagine what is going through Aaliyah's head.

    Aaliyah you will be home safe with your mommy soon. xoxoxoxo

  190. OH MY! How dreadful to hear about the nightmares, I cant even believe what your family must have been through that is awful!!! I pray so hard that she is not being abused now and that maybe God willing, he will change his ways and stop this abuse before he ends up in jail. The only problem is one a pedaphile always a pedaphile they just find new ways of doing things.

    If Baby A had nightmares like that Im assuming more was done to her then just the 'wormy thing', and Im surprised there was no doctor who would document sexual abuse had this been occuring, that is the only thing I doubted in this case when I first heard about it was the lack of evidence from doctors, now from my understanding this is because the police would not let Connie take the the baby to the doctors??? this is what Ive read and heard, can anyone explain this? It sounds like she was suffering pretty badly, poor dear baby!

    If Dina is indeed an abused woman, she will no doubt be in denial of this and not try to get herself help if she fears her husband to much. I could see that happening because My ex actually did something pretty badly and his mother sat there and tried to convince me that I was exaggerating the truth!!! For goodness sakes I told her I swore to her the story I told her was exactly how it happened but she refused to believe her son would do soemthing so horrendous. Another time after that, I recieved a very bad beating on the couch of my home to my back, and as my abuser was in a fit of rage he had gotten off me, called his dad on the phone and actually told his parents, "dad, i almost killed her tonight, I need to get out of here" and then he took off, his parents actually called me an hour later, instead of asking me If I was okay and if the baby was okay all they said was "do you know where he went? we can t find him and he called us and threatened suicide" so they were more worried about their abuser son then they were about the fact that he almost just killed me. It really blew my mind that they didnt even ask if I was okay that night. Another time, They actually stood on the stand, the father of my ex who goes to church frequently, and LIED STRAIGHT FACED TO THE JUDGE about how ofen they watched the babies when the ex had them (they had them almost 90 percent of the time and they told the judge they only had them 50percent of the time), so believe me I know what you mean about parents being in deniel and covering for their abusive sons!!!! I can honestly say If I thought for one minute my son was harming his child I def would never leave him alone with the child and I would have him arrested for sexual abuse absolutely!!!

    I really feel for Connie having to go through this because I know first hand how abusers can manipulate their parents, people around them and the court system!!! A good friend of mine said it right about my ex....he can roll in Sh*t and come out smelling like a rose everytime!!! Its soooo true.

    Ok well sorry about the ranting tonight.
    Always loving and praying for Baby A.

    God please protect her~

  191. Also does anyone know when the Nov hearing is??? Is this a custody hearing or a continuation of the restraining order?

  192. My thoughts and prays are with you all everyday..


  193. November hearing is on the 30th. It is just a restraining order and sanction hearing.

    All abusers have the exact same pattern like they graduated from an abuser academy. Everything you listed above, the lies, threatening suicide (Connie has Dustin on tape threatening suicide too), charm, etc. Read a book called Why does he do that? By Lundy Bancroft. You can spot an abuser within a short time of meeting them. They give off very early distinct warning signs that everyone should teach their little girls to look out for and teach their little boys not to be like. They are always insanely jealous that seems like they just really love you at first. Very charming, controlling, posessive, obsessive, manipulative, and demanding. The book is really good everyone should read it. Connie says its the closest thing to actual abuse that she has ever read about. It explains how the abusers parents cover for him, how fooled the court system, police, and cps systems are for their lack of knowledge of how abusers truly operate. The book breaks it down fairly well.

    There is tons of good news happening that we can't speak of, but you will know about it all shortly when the time comes.

    Thank you all for your prayers, help, concerns, time, energy, efforts, donations, networking, etc.

    We love all of you.

  194. Thank you for suggesting this book, I will pick it up when I go to the bookstore next week.
    Yes, its amazing how cameleon like they are. How they can change to look like a charming prince then turn around and grow horns. I can spot abusers now too since being with two different ones. I hope Connie never goes out with someone like that again and her current bf is anything but that way. He seems like a really great guy for sticking by her through all of this. She is a beautiful woman and a tough fighter, any man is extremely lucky to have her, thats probably why D is so bent on not letting her see the baby.
    If he truly was a great dad regardless of the accusations against him, why would he not make some arrangements for the child to see her mother??? there is nothing stopping him from organizing something where she could be part of a's life, by keeping the baby from her, he is doing EXACTLY what he claims she is doing!!! Another form of control.
    I am refreshed knowing their is good news coming!!! Im hoping it has something to do with C being able to see A again!!! :-)

    I hope when this is all done, we will see pics of A happily with her mommy again:-)

    Love to you all and of course as always ...

    Many Prayers~

  195. Hi ya'll! Just wanted to wish ya'll a happy halloween and to have fun and be safe with the children tonight.

    Pleasehelp, I am sorry you and your famiily will not have the opportunity to be with baby A tonight. I pray that you will have the baby safely back in your arms soon.

    SaveBabyA, I agree 110%! If this father loved his child, he wouldn't keep the baby from her mother. There is nothing that I have read where this mother is a danger to her child. The baby needs her mom.

    Prayers are for all.

  196. We don't celebrate Halloween, thanks though. Research what it really is, it might cause you to think twice about celebrating it.

    Dustin has never loved A from day one. He was jealous of the attention Connie gave her from day one in her belly. Abusers want all attention on them and babies get in the way of that. Abusers are always more abusive when there is a pregnancy and a child involved. Everything from day one has been a goal of his to hurt Connie to control her. He has spit in Connie's face when she was pregnant. He has slammed her up her laundry room door and broke it off it's hinges. He has threatened their lives driving like an a-hole with her and unborn A in the car. He has called baby A an efn little brat at 8 days old becuase she was crying. He has pulled a baseball bat out on them both when she was 4 weeks old. He has hit A in the face with soiled diapers. He has no regard for either of their lives. Everything on saveaaliyah.com is the truth. He feels hurting Aaliyah is the best and only way he has to hurt Connie because he lost control of her. Aaliyah is just another branch of control to him. I know he secretly wants Connie to come back to him. I wonder if he is molesting A fantacizing about Connie on top of an attraction to children. He raped Connie at age 15. He liked children back then. All of these things are signs of a child molester so if there is a man trying to get with your teenager beware of that kind. First red flags were all there. Learn them!

    And another tactic of an abuser is to try to sever the mother and child's relationship. You will read all about it in that book. It will hook you once you start reading it. I think Connie read it in a day or two. They make women read it in counselling to unbrainwash them from the abuse which is where Connie even found the book.

    I wish we could tell you all what is to come. It is very exciting for Aaliyah and Connie. All will know soon. Just pray extra hard for Aaliyah's safety because the abusers are going to be enraged when they get this news.

    Thank you all and love you all. We will keep you up to date as much as possible.

  197. ha ha sorry about my spelling errors, didn't reread it first... ooopsie daisy (as A would say.)

  198. Pleasehelp - I thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling us as much as you are able.

    My heart aches everyday for what you are all going through. I feel like I want to vomit when you describe the things that Aliyah has (and probably still is) going through. I think of some of my own experiences as a child and while I never raped I was subjected to things no child should ever have to go through. I was never believed. I was never protected and even as a young adult when I told my mother she still never really believed me. Aaliyah has a very strong support system and she will grow up KNOWING that she is beleived, loved and fought for every second. Her family will help her as much as possible and she will spend the rest of her life knowing that she was never the one in the wrong! WE BELIEVE YOU AALIYAH. Stay strong little one our love is with youxx

    Love and prayers for you all everydayxx